Red River Students of the Month

By Hayley Loe

At the school board meeting last Monday the Superintendent Alison Hughes honored the students of the month for the month of January .

The student from Red River Elementary School was Kyliee Cato.  Hughes said, “She is in the Headstart program at the elementary school. She is one of the first students to her class and enjoys greeting her friends every morning with a huge smile and a big hug.  She is always eager to come to school and learn every day and has mastered all skills covered so far this year.”

Njerika Miller is the student representing Red River Junior High.  Hughes said, “She is a 6th grade student and she is a trustworthy, reliable, responsible and respectful student.  She is always smiling and in a good mood.  She has a positive attitude with her peers and toward life in general.”

For Red River High School, the student of the month was Erik Hanson.  Hughes said, “He is a 10th grade student at the high school.  He has contributed to the JROTC program and helped organize the sophomore drill team which is no easy task. Erik shoulders the responsibility of commanding and leading this group to understand order, routine and precision.  We value his dedication, leadership and service.”

The January student of the month from Red River Academic Academy was Kodie Grigg, a student at the 6th grade academy.  Hughes read the nomination from his teacher, Intha Fields.  It said, “One of my favorite moments this year has been when Kodie looked at her and spelled “Think” by sounding it out. This is not a major accomplishment for most 6th graders; however Kodie is not most 6th graders. He is determined to learn regardless of his challenges. He will put in the work on a problem.  Kodie will read and re-read until he begins to connect the words. He has risen two grade levels in his reading skills, and he is proud to let people know that. His confidence is beyond description, and his work ethic would make some grown men look bad. Regardless of where Kodie began the year, he is definitely ending the year on top.”

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