Bulldogs Win in Jamboree

Final score was Red River 14 and Lincoln Prep 0.  The game was played Saturday morning at Louisiana Tech in Ruston.  The game was on day two of the Bayou Jamb and it wrapped up the Bulldog’s pre-season.

The Bulldogs are off to a great start with the win.  Leonard Mosley was named player of the game.

The Bulldogs begin the regular season on the road at Haughton Thursday evening.

Photo Credit: 📸 Four Six 3

It’s Game Time

The preseason, jamborees, and scrimmages are all in the books.  The fall football season begins for area public schools.   And so does the first High School Pickers Contest.

The Journal is offering $100 to the person who does the best job of predicting the winners of ten local games.  And there is a tiebreaker just in case.

The entry deadline for the first contest is 4:00 pm on Friday.  So get your entry form and submit it right away.  You could be $100 richer come Monday morning.  The winner of this week’s contest will be announced next Wednesday in the Journal.  And a new entry form will be published for the next week’s games.

To enter now, just CLICK HERE.

Full contest rules are below:

Riverdale Football Team Picks up Second Big Win

By Molly Seales

On Friday, August 26, the Riverdale Rebels traveled to Farmerville, LA, to take on the UCA Lions. After scoring just one touchdown in the first quarter, the Rebels began to come alive. As time expired in the first half, quarterback Ryder Huddleston found senior James Wagoner in the corner of the end zone for a 25-yard touchdown pass. This gave the Rebels a 30-6 lead going into the half, and they continued to dominate in the second half, coming away with a 50-6 win.

The Rebels looked solid on offense with several players in on the action. They had a total of 321 offensive yards with six touchdowns. They had 253 rushing yards for 4 touchdowns and 88 passing yards for 2 touchdowns. Huddleston was 4 for 9 in passing, and he had 3 carries for four yards. In addition to Wagoner’s 25-yard reception, Ben Almond had 3 receptions for 54 yards and a touchdown. Ben also had a punt return for 37 yards and 11 carries for 81 yards and 2 touchdowns. Kyle Guillory had a kickoff return for 21 yards and 14 carries for 96 yards. Kaidyn Williams had 5 carries for 27 yards and a touchdown. Landen Barrett had one carry for a 45-yard touchdown.

Defensively, the Rebels shut down the Lions, allowing only one touchdown the entire game. Freshman Ashton Almond proved himself again Friday night. He had 3 tackles, including one TFL, an assist, broke up 2 passes, and had an interception that he turned into a 30-yard run for his first varsity touchdown. Ben Almond added an interception of his own. Jace Wilhite was in on the action with 4 tackles, including one TFL, and broke up 3 passes. Big man Hayden Hillman had 2 tackles, including 1 TFL, an assist, and recovered a fumble on a bad snap by the Lions. Kaidyn Williams had a tackle that was a TFL and 3 assists, while Tyler Parker had a tackle for a loss. Guillory had an assist, broke up a pass, and had an interception.

On Thursday morning at 9:30 we will have our first pep rally, which is Hawaiian themed-“Lei” Down The Trojans The Rebels head into their first home game Friday night at Marston Stadium, and fans will be in for a treat as they arrive to brand new home team bleachers! The Rebels will take on class 2A Tallulah, and kickoff is set for 7:00 p.m. Keep it up Rebels!

Softball Teams Experience Team Building

By Addison Bounds

On August 8th and 28th, the Red River Junior High and High School girls were fortunate enough to be able to work with Kassidy & Kelsey Giddens, one of ULM’s (University of Louisiana Monroe) pitchers and catchers during a team building exercise.

The twin duo walked us through many drills, breaking them down one by one and explaining why they are important and how they would help us in the game. They explained glove work and gave us personal tips on how to make us better softball players and a team.

It was an Amazing experience to get to work with and get a chance to know Kassidy & Kelsey, it’s not every day that you get a chance to work with and learn from College Softball players. We are all very grateful to them for giving their time, their patience and willingness to share their LOVE of the game with us. Thank you Coach Craig & Coach Smelzer for working to get us this amazing experience.

When you go up, your pets won’t wind up down 

By Teddy Allen

The following is a Public Service Announcement from The Division of the Least of These Things to Worry About, Ever, My Brethren.  

A guy created a website and, for a while there, had people believing he’d recruited well-meaning and caring atheists who’d care for the pets of Christians after their rapture.  

In other words, “Send money. Rest easy.” 

I’ll hang on a second while you read that again because me my own self had to ponder it too, the first time I heard it; I had never had the thought either. Ever. And it’s not because I don’t love my pets. I do. But … while I’ve heard bizarre things, this might be at the top of the heap. 

Bizarro Mountain. 

Bizarro Mountain Range, even. 

NPR reported that a guy charged “hundreds of people more than $100 apiece, promising the business would care for their pets after the owners were carried up to Heaven. The self-described animal-loving atheist called his site Eternal Earth-Bound Pets. The New Hampshire Insurance Department thought some monkey business might be going on and decided to investigate”. 

Props to the New Hampshire Insurance Department, which seldom gets props. 

Life’s not fair. 

Anyway, the New Hampshire Insurance Department guy in charge of Pre-Rapture Pets, Etc.guy said it was a hoax. Which it was, same as the After the Rapture Pet Care site inventor admitted. 

I think they said this pre-rapture. Lord, I hope so. 

But I’ll give both guys points for creativity. 

For my pet’s future, I’d bet it on the After the Rapture Pet Care guy. He charged only a $10 registration fee, because those Left Behind were going to “care for the pets they rescue as their own, including being financially responsible for them,” the site claimed. 

Indulge me for a sec, and if you’ve read this far, you already have. The After the Rapture Pet Care guy, or (ATRPCG), also typed this on his site, under the ingenious “Frequently Asked Questions” part, (which I thought was a nice touch): 

Who are these Volunteer Pet Caretakers and how do I know they’ll take good care of my pets? 

Most Volunteer Pet Caretakers fit this description: 

  • They are atheists or another non-Christian religion; 
  • They love animals enough to register with us even though they do not believe there will be a Rapture (or are agnostic about it); 
  • (My words, because this bullet point was the part about how they’d treat your pets as their own — their still-alive-but-non-raptured own.)  

Another of the FAQ’s questions is, “Isn’t the world going to be totally collapsed after the Rapture?” It’s a long answer on the website, but the short answer from this bureau is, “Yes. That’s an affirm. Bet your hat. If you have gift cards, use them ASAP. If you have one fromAfter the Rapture Pet Care, well … ” 

Lord have mercy …  

We conclude with a sobering thought, I think from Mark Twain, and it’s one of my favorite thoughts, at least one of my favorite sobering ones, and should ease the mind of all us pet lovers who are worried about how things might end up for animals we loved, as if God who created them isn’t aware: 

“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.” 


Contact Teddy at teddy@latech.edu 

Annual Mum Sale is Underway

Every fall the 4-H Clubs in Red River Parish sell beautiful mums.  They are a festive touch for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  The 2022 sale is underway.

Mums are available in red, yellow, purple and orange.  They will be ready to deliver at the end of September, so order right away.

Mums are $20 for a 10 inch pot.  The mums are from the Doug Young Nursery in Forest Hill.

Call the parish 4-H office at 932-4342 to place your order.

OPPORTUNITY: Grand Bayou Resort

Looking for: Gatehouse/reservations staff, full or part time (basic computer/office skills needed), Housekeeping staff, full or part time, and Maintenance/groundskeepers, full or part time.

Applications available at the gatehouse.  Salary depends on experience.

Grand Bayou Resort, 5286 Hwy 784, Coushatta, LA 71019.  318-932-0066.

Red and the Bully

By Brad Dison

Red was small for his age, smaller than the other kids in his neighborhood of Yorkville, New York.  In the first decade of the twentieth century, all young boys were expected, with few exceptions, to join the neighborhood gang.  To be exempted and respected, a boy had to have a good excuse such as being crippled, small, or having tuberculosis.  Even then it might earn a nickname such as gimpy, short sh*t, lungsy, or coughy. 

“I wanted no part of running the gang,” explained Red during their elderly years, “and size was a prerequisite of power.  The biggest kid usually took control simply because he was the biggest.  He could have been stupid, as some of the leaders were.  But because he was big, he was the boss.  That was fine with me.  I never ran with the gang anyway.” 

Red’s two brothers were on the smaller side as well.  For this reason, their mother began teaching them to box.

In the evenings after school, Red’s mother cleared the small living room in their meager home and used it as a boxing ring.  Two brothers boxed while the third one rested, all the while Red’s mother instructed them on foot movements, types of punches, and blocks.  Red’s mother had learned about boxing from Red’s father, an amateur boxer turned bartender, who was usually away from home in a drunken stupor.  When the bouts got too heated, as they often did, Red’s mother separated the boys and explained that to lose their tempers meant losing the fight.  The boys and Red’s mother quickly noticed that Red had a knack for boxing.  He was light on his feet, could get in, jab a punch, and get out before his opponent could react.

Word spread quickly to the boys in the neighborhood gang.  “They would call me in to beat up a bully,” Red said.  “The gang knew I was available.  I became a kind of combination troubleshooter-backup man and never really part of the gang.” 

The streets were full of bullies who pushed the younger, weaker kids around, usually to take what little money or candy they had.  “Send for Red” became a regular request, and Red would appear and “clean some kid’s clock” who was usually far superior in physique.  Red disliked having to fight on the streets, but he disliked bullies even more.

One day, Ed, Red’s younger and smaller brother, whom his family always referred to as Gentle Ed, was playing with a golf ball he had found in the street.  A new bully on the block spied the golf ball and wanted it for his own.  While the golf ball was in mid-bounce, the bully darted in, pushed Gentle Ed to the ground, and grabbed the golf ball.  Gentle Ed tried to reclaim the ball, but the bully shoved him to the pavement.  Gentle Ed tried again, and the bully shoved him harder.  This continued until Gentle Ed was bruised and bleeding.  Gentle Ed returned home and told Red about the incident. 

In a fury, Red began searching the neighborhood for the bully.  When they finally met, a fight broke out like nothing any of the boys, especially Red, had ever seen.  The bully not only took Red’s punches but was able to return them in equal measure.  A large crowd gathered to watch.  The boys fought tit for tat until a policeman broke them apart.  They met up the next day at a prearranged spot and the fight continued.  A larger crowd gathered before a policeman broke them apart again.  On the third day, an even larger crowd gathered to watch what, to them, looked almost like a professional boxing match. 

One woman yelled over the crowd, “These boys are killing each other.  Where are their mothers?”  No one knows where the bully’s mother was, but Red’s mother was in the crowd cheering for Red.  During the bout, Red had broken four bones in his left fist, but the adrenaline allowed him to keep fighting.  The bully sustained several injuries and was bleeding severely.  Finally, the boys realized it was a draw and ended the fight with the stipulation that they would finish the fight once they had both healed.

In his adult life, Red became what he detested as a child, a bully, and a gangster.  Red detested the bully in his childhood, but he used those experiences to his advantage.  Red and the bully never met again.  The bully eventually became a semi-professional boxer.  During the Great Depression, more than two decades after the boys fought, the bully sent Red a letter in which he explained that he, the bully, had fallen on hard times.  The bully knew that Red had become successful and asked for, not money, not food, but for cigarettes and any extra clothing that Red could spare. Red sent the former bully a package with the requested items along with an undisclosed amount of cash.         

You see, Red was only a bully and a gangster in films.  He played characters based on the bullies he had known during his childhood.  In real life, Red was described by everyone who knew him as a sweet, kind, and gentle man, which was exactly the opposite of the characters he was known for playing.  So different were the parts Red played that Orson Welles opined, “[Red] maybe the greatest actor who ever appeared in front of a camera.” 

The kids in his old neighborhood knew him as Red, but you and I know him as James Cagney.

Source:  John McCabe, Cagney (New York, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1997), 16.    

Opportunity: Teacher/Nurse

The Red River Parish School Board is accepting applications for a high school teacher/nurse. The teacher/nurse will teach, supervise, evaluate students as they practice clinical skills, and provide school nurse duties as needed.

The requirements are as follows:

must possess a current Louisiana licensure as a registered professional nurse

minimum of three years’ experience as a registered nurse

possess intermediate skills in Microsoft Word and Google

Submit applications at the Red River Parish School Board and at  http://www.rrbulldogs.com. Deadline for submission is September 7, 2022.

For more information, you may contact Nicole Eason by email neason@rrbulldogs.com or 318-271-3150.

Nicole M. Eason

Red River Parish School Board

Human Resources Department

Volleyball Tournament Win

Red River Junior High Volleyball team won the Silver Championship Bracket in Calvary Tournament.  In their first tournament ever, Bulldogs went 3 and 3 in pool play claiming 2nd seed in the Silver bracket.

Bulldogs won 25-23 and 25-16 against Calvary Green.  They split with North Desoto Red 25-17L 25-15W.  Then they lost 2 to the Natchitoches Demons White 25-17 26-24. 

In Silver Bracket play the Bulldogs went undefeated 4-0 beating North Desoto Blue 25-22, 27-25, and Calvary Gold 28-26, 25-18.

FFA Presentations

It was one of many milestones at Magnolia Bend Academy. The FFA students were presented with their banners and jackets by Aaron Babers, North Louisiana Agricultural Education Specialist.

This was all made possible by the generous donation of Steve Pierce, owner of RIBUS, a functional ingredient manufacturing company that supplies natural and organic rice ingredients to food, beverage, dietary supplement and pet companies around the world.

The school said, “We cannot thank Mr. Pierce enough for supporting Magnolia Bend Academy and Mr. Babers for meeting with us and surprising our young men with such an amazing gift.”

Magnolia Bend also thanked Dr. Mike Land “for his undying support to our agricultural program.”  And the school thanked all of the Ag students for their dedication not only to the work they are doing today but what they are doing to ensure an agricultural program for future students.

Notice of Death – Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Jo Ellen Mondello

April 24, 1940 to August 28, 2022

View full obituary here:


The Red River Parish Journal publishes paid obituaries – unlimited words and a photo, as well as unlimited access – $70. Contact your funeral provider or RedRiverParishJournal@gmail.com. Must be paid in advance of publication. (Notice of Death shown with no link to full obituary are FREE of charge.)

ETC… For Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Congratulations from Red River 4-H to Makilah Murphy for being accepted to attend the 2022 Southern Region Teen Leadership Conference in Tennessee.

Northwestern State Professor Emeritus of English Dr. Julie Kane will be honored at a solo show recognizing her for being the winner of the 2021 Shreveport Regional Arts Council’s Critic’s Choice: Literary Award on Friday, Sept. 16 from 5 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at ArtSpace located at 708 Texas Street in Shreveport.  The show is free and open to the public and it will also include visual art exhibits by Eric Francis and Debra Roberson and a literary exhibit by poet Genaro Ky-Ly Smith, the 2022 Critic’s Choice: Literary Award winner.

Louisiana Tech University Reserve Officer Training Corp cadets are gaining the unique experience of working on Department of Defense cutting edge research and technology. 

Cyber Innovation Center and Air Force Global Strike Command recently completed the first ever ROTC Cadet Training Success Program. The Louisiana Tech University program was funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research through Clarkson, Inc.  The program provides selected cadets valuable hands-on experience working with cutting edge research and technology programs as well as contributing to unique AFGSC research-based project.

Jo Ellen Mondello

A funeral service celebrating the life of Jo Ellen Mondello, 82, will be held at 10:00 AM, Friday, September 2, 2022, at Kilpatrick’s Rose-Neath Funeral Home Coushatta Chapel with Bro. Mike McNatt officiating. Interment will follow in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Hall Summit, LA. The family will receive friends from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM, Thursday, September 1, 2022, at the funeral home.

Jo was born on April 24, 1940, in Caddo Mills, TX to Floyd Virgil and Stella Myre Archer and passed away on August 28, 2022, at her residence surrounded by her loved ones in the Hall Summit community. She enjoyed many activities including gardening, puzzles, working in the family business, visiting with family and friends, mowing and driving equipment. She was also a teacher at Hall Summit High School and loved going to the casinos.

Jo was preceded in death by her parents; brother, Floyd Wayne Archer and sister, Billie Everett McCasland. Left to cherish her memory are her husband, Sam J. Mondello of Ringgold, LA; sons, Keith Allen Mondello of Hall Summit, LA, Kerry Vince Mondello of Bossier City, LA; Klay Walter Mondello  and wife, Vikki of Bossier City, LA and David Leone Mondello of Bossier City, LA; daughter, Shannon Renee Reynolds and husband, Carson of Sibley, LA; sisters, Mary Warmbrodt and husband, Joe of Dallas, TX and Donna Sinclair and husband, Dean of Mt. Vernon, TX; sister-in-law, Darlene Archer of Scurry, TX; twelve grandchildren, Rain Wyatt, Mason, Nic and Tyler Mondello, Heather Anderson and husband, Logan, Kassidy, Kaitlyn, and Kara Mondello, Zach and Savannah Mondello, Karma and Paisley Reynolds; two great-grandchildren, Landon Anderson and Jordyn Reynolds; and a host of family and friends.

Pallbearers to be announced.

The family would like to give special thanks to her caregiver, Penny Kellogg of Hall Summit, who attended to her every need with love.

Weekly Arrest Report

Report from the Red River Sheriff’s Office for August 19-26, 2022.

This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named or shown in photographs or video as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

One Man Dead in Officer Involved Shooting

Louisiana State Police are investigating a Deputy-involved shooting in Red River Parish. 

On August 27, 2022, shortly before 5:00 p.m., Detectives assigned to the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations were called to investigate a deputy-involved shooting.  The incident involved deputies with the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The preliminary investigation revealed that deputies were investigating a previous incident, involving an alleged armed individual and a complainant, that occurred at a different location than the deputy-involved shooting. 

Deputies met the complainant at a church located on US Hwy 71, north of A.C. Whatley Road.  The suspect, later identified as 69-year-old Maxie George of Coushatta, arrived on the scene and approached deputies while they were interviewing the complainant.  During the course of the interaction, George was shot. 

George was pronounced dead at the scene by the Red River Parish Coroner.

Louisiana State Police is the lead investigating agency into this deputy-involved shooting and the scene is being processed by the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory.  The investigation remains active and ongoing.  Further information will be released as it becomes available.

From Tpr. Jonathan Odom, Louisiana State Police.

One Dead in Deputy-Involved Shooting

The Journal is receiving reports of a person killed in a deputy-involved shooting in north Red River Parish.  KSLA-TV is reporting that Louisiana State Police are investigating the incident that occurred today just north of A.C. Whatley Road near US 71.

It is reported that one person is dead.  No deputies are reported injured.  The investigation is ongoing.  This story will be updated as more details become available.

Red River Triumphant in Jamboree

Red River 14 – Lincoln Prep 0 in the Bayou Jamboree played Saturday morning at Louisiana Tech in Ruston.  The Bulldogs begin the regular season on the road at Haughton Thursday evening.

Friday night, the Riverdale Rebels traveled to Farmerville and brought home the “win!”  Final score Riverdale 50 and UCA 6.

Photo Credit: 📸 Four Six 3

Riverdale Defeats UCA

Friday night, the Riverdale Rebels traveled to Farmerville and brought home the “win!”  Final score Riverdale 50 and UCA 6.

Full details of the game will be reported by Molly Seales in the Journal on Wednesday.

This article will be updated later today after the Red River vs Lincoln Prep jamboree game is played.  Kickoff is 11:00 am in Ruston.

RRHS Scrimmage against Bossier High

By Christy Suggs

From the stands Red River was looking good. We saw much improvement from the spring scrimmage. They held their own and finished well against Bossier. It was a good cool night for football.

Coach Harper had these thoughts to share on the game:

“We finished Fall camp with a scrimmage at Bossier last Friday evening. We started on offense in the scripted portion and did some good things. Our 3 TD’s were scored by Jamarion Davis, Elijah Harper, & Collin Stafford. The defense had multiple sacks, interceptions & fumble recoveries.

“Senior DB Jamarion Demery, FS Key’marion Newton, and LB Jyrel Jones all had interceptions. Sophomores LB Montrell Brown and Eric Smith had forced fumbles. Linebackers Zylon Newman, Peyton Miller, Car’davious Demery, and Defensive End Reginald Prealow had sacks. Cameron Jones & Isaiah Miller both had fumble recoveries.

“The defense was fast, physical, and flew to the ball. They looked good for most of the night but still have technique and assignment issues that come with learning a new scheme which is to be expected.

“The offense is coming together behind a new offensive line led by 5 seniors David James, Zar’Wayne Tilmon, Andre Cole, Desmon Mitchell, and Jeremiah Jones. QB’s Tyler Hughes & Malique Smith both played well, making big throws for their first live action.”

Coach Harper said, “This Saturday morning at 11:00 we will be playing in the Bayou Jamb versus Lincoln Prep at Louisiana Tech. Come out and support the Dawgs as we kickoff the 2022 season.”

Burn Ban Lifted

The headline says it all.  The ban on outdoor burning in Red River Parish has been lifted.  Fire Chief John Woodfin notified the Journal this week that the parish had received enough rainfall.

That ban had been imposed several weeks ago due to the hot and dry summer conditions. As always, use caution when burning debris out of doors.