Ware Escapees Captured in Houston

Early Saturday morning three youths escaped from the Ware Detention Center north of Coushatta.  A female security guard is suspected in aiding the escape.  Their freedom was short lived.  In less than 24 hours all four were in custody.

The Red River Sheriff’s Office supplied details of their capture.

Shortly after midnight on May 15, 2022 all suspects were apprehended in Houston, Texas by the Houston Police Department’s (HPD) Midwest Crime Suppression Team.

In a joint effort by the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division, the LA State Police Troop G Investigations Unit, the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office, the LA Fusion Center and the Houston Police Department‘s Crime Suppression Team, the unoccupied getaway car driven by Victoria Tune was located in the parking lot of a Houston motel where it was kept under surveillance by HPD for several hours.

Eventually all four suspects, being driven by one of the suspect’s relatives, returned to the vehicle where they were surrounded and  taken into custody by HPD’s Crime Suppression Team. All suspects will be extradited back to Louisiana where they will face additional charges reference the escape.

Here is the link to the original report from May 14th.


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Three Escape From Ware, Guard Sought

At 6:53 a.m. on May 14, 2022 Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office (RRPSO) Communications received a call from Ware Youth Center (WYC) in reference to three escapees. Oncoming day shift employees discovered that three male juvenile residents, with help from a female WYC security guard, had escaped the juvenile detention facility approximately four hours earlier.

Video surveillance shows the guard, identified as Victoria Tune (W/F, age 21 of Red River Parish), transporting the three juveniles off the premises in a white 2010 Pontiac G6, Louisiana license plate number VWY295. The vehicle has a missing rear bumper and the direction of travel is unknown.

Tune is pictured above.  Lafitte, Durham and Lane are pictured below.

Each of the subjects were being housed at WYC for various felony crimes. TyJuan Lafitte, B/M, age 17, of Caddo Parish for Attempted First Degree Murder. Jeremiah Durham, B/M, age 17, of Bossier Parish for Armed Robbery. Na’Varaya Lane, B/M, age 15, of DeSoto Parish for Attempted Second Degree Murder. All three escapees were last seen wearing orange jumpsuits.

A warrant has been issued for Tune in connection with the escape. Anyone with information concerning the escapees and security guard is asked to contact the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-932-4221 or by dialing 911.

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Former Red River Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested for Malfeasance, Injuring Public Records

On Thursday, April 28, 2022, the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations Bossier Field Office (LSP/BFO) was requested by the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office (RRPSO) to investigate an allegation that an on-duty deputy was involved in a hit-and-run crash while driving a marked RRPSO patrol unit.  The crash occurred on US Hwy 71 at the intersection of US Hwy 84. The deputy was identified as 29-year-old Melvin Reliford, of Coushatta.

Through investigative means, it was found that the crash occurred as reported. A warrant was submitted and approved for the arrest of Reliford.  Earlier today, Reliford turned himself in and was booked into the Red River Parish Jail on one count of Malfeasance in Office and one count of Injuring Public Records.

LSP/BFO will serve as the lead investigating agency. The investigation remains active and ongoing.  No further information is available, at this time.

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Showcase School

Red River Elementary School posted, “We are Bulldog proud of our students, faculty, and staff.”

They announced that Red River Elementary has been selected as a 2021-2022 Capturing Kids’ Hearts NATIONAL Showcase School.  This award recognizes and celebrates schools that go the extra mile each day, creating the social-emotional safety on school campuses that is conducive to learning. 

Your Bulldogs are 1 of only 377 (1700 total participating schools) school campuses selected to be a National Showcase School.

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Parish Top 28 Basketball

Red River High Basketball Coach Dadrian Harris wants to know, “Who’s the best girls and boys team to come through Red River Parish?”  Come to the gym on May 21st to find out.

The Red River Basketball programs led by Coach Dadrian Harris & Coach Kim Burton will try to answer that question.  Harris said, “We are hosting an All-Time Red River Parish Top 28 basketball competition to bridge the gap of what was and what is now. We are calling all athletes from the Top 28 teams of Red River Parish to come out and play in a friendly competition basketball game.”  Players on one of these teams are invited to take part.

Here are the categories they are seeking players from: 

Top 28 Boys’ Teams:

1999 & prior





Top 28 Girls’ Teams:





There will also be a 3-Point Contest and a Skills Challenge Contest  There is a $5 entry fee for each event.  The team entry fee is $100.  Harris said, “The best of the best will have the opportunity to compete against each other for bragging rights.”

Rumor has it that the ‘99 Choctaws championship team was the best team to touch a basketball court in Red River Parish. Harris and Burton have been working on finalizing team rosters so if you were a part of one these great teams and interested in playing, contact Coach Harris 318-464-4999 or Coach Burton 318-207-5115 as soon as possible.

General admission for the public is $5.  The event will be held at the Red River High Gym beginning at 12:00 Noon on Saturday May 21st

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A Thrill For First Graders

A few days ago, the first grade class at Riverdale Academy got to act like High Schoolers.  They went upstairs to Dr. Hunter Brown’s room for a science experiment.

Riverdale said, “They loved it! The whole time they walked up the stairs they were saying “oooooo” “ahhhhhh.” Thank you so much H.B.  To say you’re the best would be an understatement.”

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Village of Ashland Receives Police Unit by Donation

By Misty Quick

The Village of Ashland Chief of Police Fred Holland (pictured) can be found in the upcoming days patrolling the Village of Ashland streets in a police unit which he acquired by donation from Sheriff Glen Edwards and the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Due to severe age and mechanical issues of the old patrol unit, the Village has been in desperate need for a new patrol vehicle for quite some time. Due to lack of budgeted funds, it has not been feasible for the Village to purchase a much needed police unit.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to Sheriff Edwards and the Red River Parish Sheriff’s office for their donation.

We would also like to thank our Chief of Police for the diligent work in acquiring a new police unit.

(Decals shown on the police unit were ordered and installed by Galaxy Graphics in Natchitoches.)

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Stormy Waters!

By Steve Graf

For years, bass fishermen have heard the phrase, “The wind is your friend.” Well, this is not always true, and today I’ll explain  why. Mother Nature can be very unpredictable, and she has an unforgivable temper. Some days she’s awesome with bluebird skies and rays of sunshine streaming down. Other days, she can unleash a rage of fury that will have you taking cover and counting your blessings.

But with regards to the quote of “The wind is your friend,” wind is a very important factor when it comes to the bass biting. Windy shores can be an awesome place to catch a few bass. The science says that the reason bass are present on windy shores is because of the food chain. Wind forces the plankton towards the bank which in turn brings in the smaller fish like shad and bream. When these guys show up, a feeding frenzy is about to begin as the bass will always follow the bait fish. A windy chop on the water’s surface allows anglers to get in close without spooking the fish. So this is why anglers like a little wind, but you must be careful what you wish for.

If there’s one thing that makes me very nervous, it’s an approaching thunderstorm. Over my years of tournament fishing, I’ve had a few rough encounters of the worst kind. Two years ago on Lake Sam Rayburn, a storm came over the lake from the southwest. The sky literally turned black as it approached, and I could tell this was not going to be a small storm. I had a co-angler fishing with me in this particular tournament, who I could tell was getting a little nervous as the lightning got really bad. The biggest problem was that the storm was coming from the same direction as the boat ramp we were trying to reach for the weigh-in. So we had a choice, either try and outrun the storm before it cut us off from the ramp or go east across the lake and seek cover in a cove as the storm hopefully passed over the west side of the lake.

Realizing that we were not going to beat the storm back to the ramp, I decided to head east across the lake and take cover in the nearest cove. As we were running across the lake at 70 mph, I noticed the waves were really starting to get bad with 3-foot rollers. Then out of the corner of my right eye, I noticed the water was swirling as the wind was now blowing what seemed like 40 plus mph. It was obvious we were not going to outrun this storm. As the wind continued to get stronger, it hit the side of boat while we were running at full speed, and it lifted the boat off the water! I thought we were about to flip over, so I let off the gas and the boat sat back down on the water. It was raining so hard that you could not see 20 feet in front of the boat, but we kept moving toward the cove to seek safety.

Next, I had one of those incidents that you have nightmares about… during the downpour I saw another boat coming in my direction from my left. In a matter of seconds, I knew immediately we were on a collision course. As he passed in front of me by a few inches at 60 mph, my heart jumped out of my chest as I shut the boat down. It was an absolute miracle that we did not hit. I could not believe the other boater never shut down, instead he just kept going which I thought was strange since we just avoided a deadly crash. With my co-angler trembling, we finally reach the cove and waited the storm out before heading for the weigh-in.

As I was in the weigh-in line, I saw the angler who I had the near collision with and approached him to apologize for what happened. Turns out, HE NEVER SAW ME ….and that there was divine intervention to save both of us. It explained why he never stopped or slowed down after he passed in front of me. HE NEVER SAW ME!  This is why you need to get off the water as soon as you see an approaching storm. Because in a matter of minutes, things can go from bad to worse. Till next time be safe, good luck, good fishing and don’t forget to set the hook!

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Teacher Appreciation at Riverdale

There was a celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week at Riverdale Academy.  The school said, “We are blessed with the best. Thank you to everyone who helped in any way to make this week so special for our faculty and staff.”

Brandy Merry posted, “We appreciate those who cooked, brought food, covered our lunch duty, decorated, and sent gifts!  The RA family sure knows how to make us feel loved! 

Thank you Krissi Birdsong, Charla Bamburg, Beth Giddings, Kristin Paul Giddings, Julie Layfield Long, Sherri York, the RA Board and the many others.”

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District Horse Show

The Northwest District Horse Show is June 10th at Red River Cowboy Church at Lake End.  Red River 4-H and the LSU Ag Center are accepting entries from local 4-H members.

Categories include Halter/Showmanship, Western & English, and Speed Events.  New is $25 Jackpot Barrels.  Trophies and Rosettes awarded to the 3 Junior and Senior Division Winners.

Entries are due by May 25th.  Contact the local 4-H agent Jacque Fontenot for entry or for more information at 932-4342.

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Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: Roe protects the right “to Abort a Child.”

By Royal Alexander

Roe v. Wade was always a legally defective decision.  And, in a maniacal effort to preserve the right “to abort a child,” the nation has witnessed in the last week the unprecedented breach of trust reflected in the release of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that apparently represents the Court’s analysis and decision on a case directly implicating America’s abortion law.

The leak has set off a torrent of attacks and recriminations about the continued existence of the “fundamental right” to abortion.  It shouldn’t.  The landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision, and its equally flawed successor in abortion law, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, were always constitutionally defective in that these cases, as President Biden rightly acknowledges, create the legal right “to abort a child.”

In defending Roe last week, Biden said that “the idea that we’re going to make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child, based on a decision by the Supreme Court, I think goes way overboard.”

In addition to supporting violence and cruelty imposed without anesthetic on the weakest members of the human population, President Biden is wrong as a matter of constitutional law.  Why do I say that?  Because the right to abortion—the killing of an unborn child—is found nowhere in the Constitution or in our history or traditions.

Then, how did the 1973 Roe Court possibly find a ground upon which to base a so-called right to abortion? It made the “right” up out of whole cloth.  As Yale scholar Alexander Bickel put it, the Roe Court “simply asserted the result it reached.” Other pro-abortion scholars have concluded similarly.

Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe has said that “One of the most curious things about Roe is that, behind its own verbal smokescreen, the substantive judgment on which it rests is nowhere to be found.”  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has said that Roe is “Heavy-handed judicial intervention [and] was difficult to justify and appears to have provoked, not resolved, conflict.”

Edward Lazarus, a former law clerk to Harry Blackmun, the author of Roe, said that “As a matter of constitutional interpretation and judicial method, Roe borders on the indefensible.”  John Hart Ely, a Professor at Yale Law School, Harvard Law School, and Stanford Law School said that “Roe is not constitutional law and gives almost no sense of an obligation to try to be.”

In this article, I put aside the moral implications of abortion, which are vast and profound, and focus on the Roe decision strictly as a matter of constitutional law.

By engaging in clever reasoning and wordplay untethered to the Constitution, the Roe Court purported to examine the 14th Amendment and its “liberty” clause and from that concoct an abortion right from the so-called “right to privacy.”  Over the years the Court has found that this right to privacy includes such liberties as the right to use contraceptives within marriage, child-rearing, private homosexual acts, gay marriage, and education.  These rights are all clearly distinguishable from Roe in that Roe and Casey permit the destruction of what is scientifically and undeniably human life.

By including abortion in the privacy interest, the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe—seven unelected, life-tenured federal judges—took the issue away from the states and from the Congress and, moving well beyond its proper judicial role in our separation of powers, acted as a super-legislature and imposed on the nation its own social and cultural preferences regarding abortion.  This is a highly illegitimate exercise of legal power.  As noted, there is no explicit or implied Constitutional right to abort a human baby—a separate and genetically distinct human being.

The status of our scientific understanding of the humanity of the unborn child in 1973, when Roe was decided, has progressed light years since then. Roe functionally relies on Medieval science from the Dark Ages compared to the miracles of science today which continue to push the date of viability back farther and closer to conception and have resulted in surgeons’ ability to repair heart valve weaknesses and spina bifida while the baby is still in the womb.  In truth, the question has never really been, When Does Life Begin? But rather, When Does Love Begin?

To put this in context it helps to recall that the framers of our Constitution intended to and thought they had created a system of federalism in which the states and the federal government co-exist, with the federal government deriving its powers from those ceded to it by the states.

The federal government would be one of limited, enumerated powers and could assert only those powers specifically granted by the Constitution.  All other powers were reserved to the states and the people and any action by a state government was presumptively valid unless it violated some specific limitation imposed by the U.S. Constitution and the 10th Amendment.  But in all instances, both the federal and state constitutions were dedicated to preserving “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Now, those who favor abortion will argue that the Roe decision is 49 years old and its holding has been reaffirmed in other cases since 1973 and, as such, the legal doctrine of Stare Decisis (which simply means that prior legal decisions should be maintained and not lightly overturned) won’t allow it to be overturned.  I respectfully disagree.

While Stare Decisis is an important principle it is not sacred.  It is not a mandate.  In fact, after determining it had erred, the U.S. Supreme Court has overruled itself more than 300 times in its history.  Stare Decisis deserves even less deference when the original decision in Roe was fundamentally flawed to begin with.  The Court should revisit and reverse this legally defective decision.  As Justice Alito says in the leaked draft opinion, “stare decisis does not compel unending adherence to Roe’s abuse of judicial authority.”

What happens if Roe is reversed? The issue of abortion would return to the states to be decided as it was before 1973.  Some states, like Louisiana and Alabama, would likely further restrict or abolish abortion altogether while other states like New York and California would allow abortion up until the moment of birth or even immediately after birth with its new law which functionally permits infanticide by allowing the denial of medical care to children who survive the abortion.

That is how our system of co-federalism is supposed to work: each state being free, subject only to specific constitutional restraints, to experiment with different law and policy.  In this way, as the Wall Street Journal observed this week, if Roe is reversed this “profound moral question will be debated and settled the way it should be in a democracy—by the people.” (WSJ, 5-4-22).

Ultimately the overturning of Roe v Wade is only an important step in the right direction.  It is clearly not the ultimate solution to the problem of the equal protection of innocent unborn—for America to be a nation where some states protect the unborn and others permit the killing of the unborn.   An unborn child’s home address can’t be allowed to determine if she lives or dies.

And America must do better by women who are confronted with an unexpected pregnancy.  Many choose abortion believing that is the only way out.  America must do better in publicizing—and funding—alternatives to abortion, such as adoption.

Finally, the abortion issue must ultimately be returned to the Supreme Court as the institution best able to ensure that “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” applies equally to all Americans, including the strong and the weak, because as President Reagan said, “the right to life is the right, without which, no other rights have any meaning.”

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Opportunity: Social Worker

The River Parish School Board is accepting applications for the following position:

Social Worker

Applicants must be a licensed clinical social worker with a Master’s degree in Social Work from a regionally accredited institution or equivalent listed in Bulletin 746.

Deadline to submit applications is May 20, 2022 at 12:00 pm. All interested applicants should apply online at http://www.rrbulldogs.com.

For more information, you may contact Nicole Eason at 318-271-2150.

Nicole M. Eason

Red River Parish School Board

Human Resources Department

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NRMC Wound Center Receives National Recognition

The NRMC Wound Center was recently recognized for receiving the Center of Distinction Award; the prestigious Robert A. Warriner, III Clinical Excellence Award for 2021, and a 2021 President’s Circle Award recipient.

For more than a decade, Healogics has presented the Center of Distinction Award to acknowledge the hard work, dedication and accomplishments of Wound Centers that deliver care, treatment and services in a manner that exceeds the performance of other like Centers. Center of Distinction awards are given to Centers that achieve or exceed outstanding clinical and operational results, including ≥ 92% Patient Satisfaction Rate, ≥ 75% Wound Adjusted Comprehensive Healing Rate and a ≤ 16% Outlier Rate.

To be awarded the Clinical Excellence Award, a Center must score in the top 10 percent of eligible Wound Care Centers for 2021 on the Clinical Excellence measure, which is the Comprehensive Healing Rate weighted by wound mix.

The 2021 President’s Circle Award is based on achieving or exceeding outstanding clinical and operational results in 2021. This award distinguishes winners as the best of the best.

“We are exceptionally proud of our outstanding wound care team,” explained Kirk Soileau, NRMC CEO. “Since opening, they have consistently set high standards of care and customer service and performed their work at the top deciles nationally. Their ability to heal problem wounds is astounding. They improve their patients’ quality of life by successfully treating wounds that impact every aspect of life: physically and emotionally. Most importantly, they are saving lives and limbs. Thank you to every member of the NRMC Wound Care team for your care and commitment to our community.”

For more information on wound care services, please visit NRMChospital.org

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Various Genres Of Music Presented At The 2022 Natchitoches Jazz/R&B Festival

The organizers of the Natchitoches Jazz/R&B Festival, which is going to be presented on the downtown riverbank stage on May 20th and 21st always like to spotlight the diversity of the music at the event and love to set a “If you can’t find some music at this festival that you like, then you just don’t like music.” This statement is clearly illustrated when you break down the various genres of music presented at the festival and the bands that will be performing music of that genre:


 Dave Duplissey’s Sax in the Corner Band

                The Nakatosh Rhythm Chiefs

                The Dan Sumner Band – Featuring Coco York

                The Forsyth Jazz Collective              

  Note:  All Jazz bands will be performing on the Jazz Stage which will now be located at venue on Front Street.


                The Commodores

                Klockwork Band

                Johnny Earthquake and the Moondogs

                Deshawn Washington

                The Kelli Roberts Band

                Josh Hyde and the Lost Parish

                The Turn-Ups

                Cane River Soul


                The Commodores

                L.A. Roxx

                Johnny Earthquake and the Moondogs

                James Burton


                The Kelli Roberts Band

                The Sundown Band

   Jesse Cole

   The Turn-Ups

   The Comeback Kids

   Cane River Soul


                Gerard Delafose and the Zydeco Gators

                B Cam and the Zydeco Young Bucks


                Josh Hyde and the Lost Parish

                Klockwork Band

                Cane River Soul

                The Snake Doctors               


                Marty Haggard

                The Chase Tyler Band

                Johnny Earthquake and the Moondogs

                The Sundown Band

                Armadillo Jackal Band

                The Comeback Kids


                The Commodores

                Klockwork Band

                Johnny Earthquake and the Moondogs

                Cane River Soul


                L.A. Sweet T

                Armadillo Jackal Band

                Snake Doctors

                50 Man Machine      


                L.A. Sweet T    


                50 Man Machine

The festival begins on Friday, May 20th at 7 p.m. with Gerard Delafose and the Zydeco Gators followed by L. A. Roxx, then continues all day Saturday, May 21st with over 20 bands on four different stages with The Commodores closing the show.

There will be lots of food and activities for the kids at this family friendly event. 

For tickets and more information go to http://www.natchjazzfest.com

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ETC… For Friday, May 13, 2022

The visiting speaker Sunday at Red River Cowboy Church will be Mark Green. The church begins with coffee & donuts at 10:00 am.  At 10:30 the services begin.  Church youth will sell Fish Plates after church. Please pre-order by contacting Kasie @ 318-652-4810 or Lance @ 318-652-1967.

Northwestern State University will hold seven sessions of its freshman orientation program, Freshman Connection, beginning May 18.  Four sessions will be on the Natchitoches campus on May 18-19, May 25-26, June 1-2 and July 7. The program will be held on the Alexandria campus on June 21, the Leesville/Fort Polk campus on June 22 and the Shreveport campus on June 23. There is also a session for parents called Parent Connection and a session for younger siblings, Kid Connection.  The fee is $100 for the sessions on the Natchitoches campus and $60 for the sessions on the Alexandria, Shreveport and Leesville/Fort Polk campuses.

Elizabeth Full Gospel Baptist Church is preparing for the upcoming Women of Integrity  Women’s Conference.  They are taking t-shirt orders. To purchase a shirt for $15, please see Sis. Kenyotta W. Calhoun , Sis. Patrice Levi-Willis , or Sis. Jessica Logan. All monies are due on the 18th.

Going on in Coushatta the “Waiting to Exhale” women’s conference at Wired for Love Fellowship Church.  Services nightly at 7:00 pm.  Plus there will be Saturday morning inspiration 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and Sunday service at 1:00 pm.

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Robert Andrew Cumber

Robert Andrew Cumber, 84, was born August 31, 1937, in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and passed away May 5, 2022, in Coushatta, Louisiana.  He served in the United States Air Force for 21 years and fought in the Vietnam War. He was a retired bookkeeper for a hardware store. 

Mr. Cumber was preceded in death by his mother, Ellen Cumber and two brothers, John and Richard Cumber.

Left to cherish his memory are wife, Myra Cumber; daughter, Rebecca Cumber Shaffer, and two grandsons, Robert Shaffer and Matthew Shaffer; siblings, Steven Cumber, Patricia Beveridge, Michael Suswal, and Jo Jo Suswal. He enjoyed bowling and caring for his dogs, Winnie, Sassy, and Max.

A special thank you to his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Loftin, for her comfort, caring and support.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the American Heart Association.

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A Tip Of The Urban Cowboy Hat

By Teddy Allen

Being raised in Ferriday hardly makes you a city boy. But because he could sing and tickle the ivories, and because he opened a watering hole in Texas the size of a football field, Mickey Gilley, a son of small-town Louisiana, ended up batting leadoff in the Urban Cowboy League, which was no small deal in the rawhide-crazed 1980s.

With the sad weekend news of the passing at age 86 of the keyboard whiz, singer and approachable entertainer, our heart was heavier than a couple of barroom bouncers sitting on top a honkytonk piano.

I sort of got to meet Mickey Gilley (somehow you have to say his whole name — “Mickey” or “Gilley” doesn’t sound right) a half-dozen years ago when he played at Squire Creek Country Club in Choudrant. I say “got to meet” but really all I did was take a picture of him and my spousal unit, who he was a bit taken by. They talked and hugged and I took some pictures and they carried on and I got out of the way and went looking for a place to sit down. I’m used to this.

He was a nice man and his picture hangs in her office, along with a lot of other pictures of her and other people I almost sort of got to meet until they met her.

Speaking of women, the 1980s were about Urban Cowgirls as much as they were about cowboys. Country was cool. Ropers and hats and belt buckles the size of saucers. Your friends who usually listened to nothing but hard rock suddenly knew all the words to Lookin’ for Love.

It vanished of course, as all good things do, and now what passes for country music is gut bucket drivel. The Urban Cowboy craze was the last great run country music had. We have been lucky that a George Strait or Brad Paisley have surfaced since, but I’m afraid that the days of Mickey Gilley and Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings are gone, lost as a dozen of your old worn out bandanas.

And so, with our felt Stetson over our heart, we salute a time gone by with the Top 10 Mickey Gilley Songs, According To Me.

(10) Room Full of Roses: “I just want my arms around you…”

(9) Overnight Sensation: “She’s an overnight sensation, she’s an open invitation…” Mickey Gilley could not quite figure this girl out.

(8) Window Up Above: Couldn’t figure this one either. Heartbreak City.

(7) Don’t The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time: EVERYBODY knew the words to this monster hit.

(6) Stand By Me: One of Mickey Gilley’s classic covers, along with …

(5) True Love Ways, and

(4) You Don’t Know Me

(3) Object of My Affection: Lots of good bluesy “boogie woogie” piano here.

(2) Power of Positive Drinking: And here too.

(1) It’s a Headache Tomorrow (Or A Heartache Tonight): “No matter which one you choose, you loose…” Hurts me. One of the best songs of the Urban Cowboy era, a chapter of which closes with the passing of Mickey Gilley.

Contact Teddy at teddy@latech.edu

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School Board Approves District Changes

Reapportionment for the Red River Parish School Board following the 2020 census involves 68 people.  Only District’s 3 and 4 are affected.  Other district lines remain unchanged.

The change will be made in the Crossroads area along Hwy 514 and Ferguson road.  It involves 68 residents who will be switched from one district to the other.

The board has been working on reapportionment for several months.  Finance Director David Jones reported to the board that this was the “cleanest plan in my opinion.”  He referred to the several options for realigning the districts.

Board member Cleve Miller said he had talked with the Police Jury and they were in favor of the same realignment.  That would make the school board and police jury districts the same in the parish.

The board approved the reapportionment plan on a roll call vote of 7-0.

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April Students Of The Month

Each month students from all schools in the parish are selected to represent their school as the “Student of the Month.”  The program is underwritten by local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and Auxiliary 7287.  Students from the public schools were introduced to the school board at the May meeting on Monday.

Students selected were Ava Jones from Red River Elementary, Lillie Harlow from Red River Academic Academy, Arcadious Whitaker from Red River Junior High, and Kenya Smith from Red River High.  Each student received a certificate and gift card to Dairy Queen.  Post member Jim Brown represented the VFW in making the presentations.

Here are the nomination statements submitted from each school:

Red River Elementary – Ava Jones is a fantastic first grade students.  She has outstanding behavior and is extremely sweet to her peers and teachers.  She is always kind and helpful. She works hard, participates in class, and completes her work in a timely manner.  She is an excellent helper and assists me throughout the day. She exhibits leadership qualities and influences others to achieve their goals and the desired behavior.  She is a joy to teach and to have in my class!  – Mrs. Korn

Red River Academic Academy – Lillie Harlow was an easy choice for Student of the Month. She is a hard worker and a good friend to her classmates. Lillie doesn’t expect things to always be easy in school. She knows that learning can only be done by working on things that we don’t already know. Even when things aren’t easy, Lillie doesn’t give up and works through the struggle. Lillie sets a good example for her classmates by being respectful and kind to everyone, and she doesn’t pick sides. She knows that friends come in all shapes and sizes, and in a classroom we should all befriends. It’s an honor to be her teacher and her friend.  – Sherry Pickett

Red River Junior High – Arcadious  Whitaker has been chosen for Student of the Month because he is very polite, dependable, and honest. Even during the recent tragedies of losing his father, uncle and grandmother within a two-week span, he did not let his character waiver. He remained positive and dedicated to completing his assignments in the classroom. He is a remarkable young man. He sets a positive example daily for his fellow classmates. All of his teachers adore him and we appreciate having him on campus daily. – Mrs. McDonald

Red River High – Kenya Smith is a junior at RRHS. She is polite, well-mannered and an all-around great student. She is very focused on her grades but doesn’t mind helping her peers achieve their potential, as well. Kenya is involved in several extracurricular activities, but JROTC is her favorite. In that organization, she exhibits exceptional leadership skills and teamwork.  I see a promising future for Kenya. – Ms. Hopper

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Riverdale Places 11 on Basketball All-District Team

By Molly Seales

The Riverdale Rebels and Lady Rebels had a great year in basketball, and their hard work and dedication have earned them well-deserved recognition. Both teams were District 3 2A runners-up and both advanced to the quarterfinals of the state tournament. Eleven of our Rebels and Lady Rebels were named to the District 3 2A all district teams.

For the Lady Rebels, senior Kenley Loftin was named to first team all-district and was also the Co-Most Valuable Player. Senior Rylee Kate Woodard, sophomore Sky McMullan, and 8th grader Mary Claire Jones were also named to first team all-district. Senior Renee Prosperie and junior Jessie Kate Cobb earned second team all-district honors.

For the Rebels, senior Ty Jones was named to first team all-district and was also the Most Valuable Player. Seniors Caden Long and Denver Williams were also named to first team all-district. Senior Reagan Huddleston and junior Ben Almond earned second team all-district honors.

We are proud of you all, and we are proud of our entire Rebel and Lady Rebel basketball teams. Thanks for a great season. Seniors, you will be dearly missed next year, and we wish you the best of luck in the future!

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OPPORTUNITY: NSU – Purchasing Director

Opening Date:   

Closing Date:      Continuous until filled

Salary                  Commensurate with experience

Job Type:             Unclassified

Location:              Natchitoches, Louisiana

Supplemental Information:

Northwestern State University Office of Business Affairs seeks a qualified applicant for the position of

Purchasing Director.

Review of applications will begin immediately.

To Apply:  Send letter of application, resume and complete contact information for three professionals

references to:

 Apply@nsula.edu  or submit to:

Human Resources

Northwestern State University

St. Denis Hall

Natchitoches, La 71497

The successful candidate will be subject to a background check, as a condition of employment.

Northwestern State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion,

Sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, age, pregnancy or parenting status, and veteran or retirement status in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies (i.e., Title IX):

       Employees/Potential Employees- Veronica M. Biscoe, EEO Officer


       Students- Reatha Cox, Dean of Students (318-357-5286)

For Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) concerns, contact the Disability Support and Tutoring Director, Randi Washington at 318-357-4460.

Additionally, Northwestern complies with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy & Campus Crime Statistics Act. Information about NSU’s campus security and crime statistics can be found at http;//universitypolice.nsula.edu/annual-security-report/.

Full disclosure statement:  http;//university.planning.nsula.edu/notice-of-non-discrimination/

*Inquiries regarding employment application status should be made to the Human Resources Department

Telephone: 318-357-5965


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance or related field from an accredited college or university required.
  • Minimum of seven (7) years’ experience in State Purchasing preferred
  • Experience with conducting complex RFP’s required
  • Understanding of Louisiana Revised Statutes regarding purchasing and ethics required.
  • Professional certification as a Procurement Buyer or Officer preferred
  • Managerial experience is essential
  • This position also requires the ability to communicate orally and through written reports with/to Subordinates, Supervisors and outside personnel.
  • Experience in operating Procurement Management Finance Software; Ellucian/Banner knowledge preferred

Job Concepts:

  • Daily supervision of all Purchasing Department staff
  • Prepare all necessary documents for bid invitation and opening in accordance with public bid laws
  • Review approval of Sole Source requests
  • Negotiate complex operating service contracts including but not limited to software agreement, property leases and marketing agreements
  • Administer University’s P-Card Program
  • Assist with month-end soft close and year-end hard close
  • Work with Business Affairs offices for invoicing, budgeting and financial related tasks
  • Other duties assigned by supervisor

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