One Dead, One in Custody

One person is dead, the result of a shooting in Red River Estates Sunday night.  A suspect was taken into custody on Monday afternoon.

Sheriff Glen Edwards and Coushatta Police Chief Kevin Stafford confirm the death.  Stafford said the name of the victim has not been released pending notification of next of kin.

Sheriff Edwards said the primary suspect was in custody as of 2:30 Monday afternoon.  Edwards said, “My investigative staff worked non-stop throughout the day to ensure his apprehension.”

Odra F. White

Funeral services for Odra F. White, 88, of Martin, LA, will be held at 11:00 A.M. Monday, June 21, 2021 at Martin Baptist Church with Reverend Wiley C. Cole officiating. Interment will follow in Martin Cemetery. Visitation will be held at Martin Baptist Church at 10:00 A.M. until the time of service.

Publication of the complete obituary with photo is available by contacting The Journal at 318-564-3609.

End of Year Testing

Red River High School issued a reminder to parents and students next week, June 21-25 is the high school’s week for state testing.  These will be the End of Course exams/Leap 2025 test. 

These exams are required to pass for graduation.  Without passing these exams your student cannot graduate from high school. 

Letters were sent home with students recently giving information on which day they are to test.  The school said, “Please make sure they are here all week and on time, there are no makeup exams and these test count for 15% of your final grade.“

“Good luck to you all, let’s show up and do our best as RRHS marches on as a B school headed to an A,” said the school.

Annual Book Sale

It is book sale time at the Red River Parish Library.  Librarian Trey Lewis said it is bargain time with everything on sale for one dime each.

The Library’s Community Room is lined with tables and boxes and stacks of books.  These are surplus books and other books and items that were donated for the sale.  Just about every topic and category of reading material is represented.

The Journal found Children’s Librarian Kala Sims was manning the store when the Journal visited.  She said they hope to sell out by the close of the sale on Friday.  The sale continues every day this week from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

In addition to books in every category, there was a good supply of reference works and encyclopedias.  Sims pointed out the boxes and boxes of movies on VHS and DVD plus music CDs and some other items too.

There was no book sale last year due to the COVID-19 shutdown.  Sims said, “We had more books donated over the last year than in previous years, so we have bargain prices to clear everything out.”  For example, every single item is just a dime.  And if you buy more, you get more, up to a big box full of items for just a dollar.

Today is a Holiday

State offices are closed half a day.  It is the first Juneteenth Holiday officially recognized by the state of Louisiana.

Governor John Bel Edwards said, “in honor of Juneteenth on Friday, June 18, 2021, all state offices will be closed for a half-day. I recently signed HB 554 by Larry Selders and the La. Legislative Black Caucus , which makes Juneteenth a legal state holiday.

Several state offices in the parish will be closed for the Juneteenth holiday.

Juneteenth is a day celebrating June 19, 1865 when Major General Gordon Granger led Union soldiers into Galveston, Texas bringing the news that the Civil War had ended and the Emancipation Proclamation declared all those enslaved that they had been freed nearly two and a half years earlier.

“I was proud to sign HB 554 by Rep. Selders and co-authored by the entire Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus, finally recognizing Juneteenth Day as a legal holiday in Louisiana,” said Gov. Edwards. “This is an important part of American history, commemorating the day those who had been enslaved in the United States learned of their freedom. There are meaningful lessons for everyone to learn.”   

Act 128 designates the third Saturday in June as Juneteenth Day throughout the State of Louisiana, in honor of the day African Americans celebrate Emancipation Day. Beginning in 2022, all state offices will be closed the Friday before that Saturday.

Head Start Day at the Park

Red River Head Start children enjoyed the town park on Thursday.  The three- and four-year-olds took over the swings, climbing bars and everything else.

Head Start Coordinator Christy Suggs told the Journal, “We have about 90 kids here and with their parents and siblings joining in we should have 125 people or more.”  She explained it is an end of year celebration “and the first time we’ve been able to get out and have the kids enjoy the park with their parents.”

Police Chief Kevin Stafford was directing traffic or trying to point the running kids in the right direction.  Stafford said, “It’s a gift for the kids from the town.  We have some information for their parents and some gifts for the children.”

Parks Director for the town is Councilman Peter Drake who was enjoying the cool breeze blowing through the trees and watching the kids having a great time.  Drake said, “They called about using the town facilities.  I went to the Mayor, Police Chief and Town Council and we decided to let the children enjoy this day.”

The sounds of children running, yelling, and laughing came from every corner of the park.  Parents, teachers, and everyone else who had a part in the day in the park agreed it was a good day.

New Faces at Bank

The Bank of Coushatta said, “Please help us welcome these wonderful women to our BC Bank family.

Mandy Hay (Teller), Pamela Bedgood (Collections), Amanda Custis (Teller), and Lisa Brosset (Insurance).

The Bank of Coushatta is located at 1525 Ringgold Avenue in Coushatta.

Local Student Competes For State Board

“Best wishes to Addison Bounds,” was the word from 4-H Agent Jacque Fontenot.  This week she interviewed for a position on the state Shooting Sports Ambassador board.

Fontenot said, “Bounds participated virtually in the 4-H Has Talent Contest by submitting a video of her performance of “How He Loves”.  Also, on Friday, June 4th she participated in a virtual training in which she learned interviewing tips and skills.”

Bounds is an eighth grader in the 4-H program in Red River Parish.

Angler’s Perspective: Who Is The Greatest Bass Angler Of All Time? (Part 1)

By Steve Graf

Before we answer this question, let’s first establish the criteria for how we want to break this topic down. Do we want to base this off of money won, tournaments won or most Angler of the Year titles? Could it be the person who has the longest running TV fishing show? Which if we go that direction, it will come down to Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Hank Parker or Jimmy Houston. Awarding someone with the title of “Greatest Angler of All Time,” is very subjective.

For this article, let’s use the “all-time money winners” as our standard for who’s the greatest. Now let’s look at 3 of the top 5 on the all-time money winners list starting with #5 Denny Brauer with over $2.5 million in earnings. Today’s top professional anglers can also make a lot of money with merchandise sales and Denny is the all-time leader in this category with over $550,000 in sales slightly ahead of Kevin Van Dam. Denny became the angler who many consider the best jig fisherman ever. If there was a jig bite taking place in any event, Denny was the favorite to win. I had the privilege and honor to talk with Denny on several occasions and he always took the time to visit and would talk bass fishing anytime. He is truly a legend of the sport and a great ambassador as well. Denny is also an avid deer hunter who enjoys dropping a big buck.

Aaron Martens comes in at #4 on the all-time money winnings list with over $2.7 million. No one in the sport of bass fishing is more meticulous or obsessed with his equipment than Aaron. No details are overlooked when it comes to organization and tournament preparation. He prides himself on being this way and apologizes to no one for it. Aaron just might be the best finesse fisherman on the pro tour. He can catch fish when other anglers are really struggling. If you ever get the chance to visit with Aaron about bass fishing, bring a pen and paper and be ready to take notes because no one gets more detailed on the subject of bass fishing than Aaron Martens. He’s literally an encyclopedia of information with a fishing IQ over 150.  

At #3, Oklahoma native Edwin Evers has been very successful over the years and has accumulated over $2.9 million in winnings. Edwin is one of those anglers who seems to have the ability to find fish better than most. He’s also one of the most versatile and most consistent anglers on tour. He can throw a spinnerbait or a crankbait with the best of them, but he can also slow down and drag a jig or worm just as well. He’s one of those anglers like Kevin Van Dam that you don’t want chasing you on the final day of competition. Edwin is one of the most sought-after pros when it comes to sponsorship opportunities. He represents his sponsors and himself very well and has helped set the standard on what being a professional angler really is.

I want to make one thing clear; I understand that this topic is very subjective and is a matter of opinion but that’s why I’m using “money earned” as the measuring stick to determine who the top angler of all time is. Each of us has our own idea as to who we think the greatest angler of all time is. We all have a personal favorite, and this topic would not be complete without mentioning some of the older anglers who started back in the late 60’s when the money was not even close to what it is today. We’ll make sure to cover these guys in part 2 next week. Till then, don’t forget to set the hook!