Your Influence

This was a week of inspiring events in Red River Parish.  On Tuesday evening the Women’s Ministry of First Baptist Church presented a family event with Pam Tebow, mother of professional football player Tim Tebow.

Tebow began her message with the statement that you influence people and you could positively impact a life.  She said, “You have the power to influence other people, so you need to be careful how you live your life.”

The story of the Tebow family unfolded with Pam and her husband raising a family while beginning their ministry.  She referred to the “faith muscle” and said it needs to be exercised so it will grow.

Early in her story of faith, Tebow experienced a difficult pregnancy with Tim.  She related her decision, against advice of many, not to abort and to carry Tim to term.  “We trusted God and he preserved that little boy in my womb,” she said.

A great example of the influence she had on her family was reading, telling stories, and making up Christian songs to sing to her children.  Tebow said as a grandmother she now sings to her grandchildren and “they sing along because their parents have sung the same songs they learned from me.”

Tebow gave other examples of the role faith plays in her family.  And she advised her audience, “Focus on eternity.  Do the things that really matter.  Let your light shine.  We all need to do something that impacts people no matter what is our season of life.”

Her remarks concluded with Tebow commenting, “The gospel is a most important influence.  Share your love and faith in Jesus.”

No Criminal Intent

The Sheriff’s Office investigated an incident at Red River Elementary on Tuesday afternoon and determined there was no harmful intent.  As the busses were loading at the end of the day a kindergarten student was found to have something in a backpack.

A teacher and the School Resource Officer acted quickly and checked the child’s backpack.  A toy “air soft” pistol was found.  It was not loaded and there were no soft projectiles found in the backpack.

The student was referred to school officials for an investigation and corrective action, if necessary.

The Sheriff issued two statements confirming that at no time was any student or member of the faculty in any danger.   In addition, at no time was the pistol pointed at anyone.

The Journal observed that social media was ablaze on Wednesday with the story.  And it became more embellished as the day went along.  People reacted to the story and it spread like wildfire.  The language used became offensive and abusive. The Sheriff’s Office issued a second statement at mid-afternoon Wednesday because of the reports circulating about the incident.

Below are the two updates that the Journal posted on Wednesday at the request of the Sheriff’s Office, beginning with the original statement:

“At approximately 2:50 p.m. on September 24, 2019 as buses were loading, a teacher at Red River Elementary School was alerted that something was in a Kindergarten student’s backpack.

The teacher immediately took the child and backpack to the School Resource Officer (SRO). The SRO alerted administration and the backpack was searched. A toy gun, commonly found in stores, was confiscated. An investigation began at approximately 3:00 p.m. on September 24, 2019.

At no time was any student or faculty in danger.”

Then at mid-afternoon the Sheriff’s Office provided this clarification:

Note: “This information was provided to clarify information being circulated concerning the event and reassure those concerned that at no time were students in immediate danger. The toy gun is commonly referred to as an “air soft” pistol. It is designed to propel small non-lethal plastic projectiles by compressed air. It was not loaded, and no projectiles were found. At no time was the gun pointed at anyone and there was no indication of harmful intent. Due to the age of the student, the incident is not criminal, and the school system is conducting the aforementioned investigation and is taking necessary corrective action.”

Dovie Neal Beard for Assessor


“Simply the RIGHT person to do the job RIGHT!” is the campaign slogan of Dovie Neal Beard.  Beard is running for Red River Parish Assessor.  She is #78 on the ballot.

Beard said, “I am dependable, devoted, and dedicated and I ask for your vote.”  Beard has the on-the-job experience necessary to be the next Assessor.

Long-time Assessor, Becky Craig is retiring and is endorsing Dovie Neal Beard for Assessor.  In her endorsement, Becky stated, “From the time I became Assessor, my ‘right hand’ has been Dovie Neal Beard.  I humbly ask you to join me in support of Dovie and elect her as the next Assessor of Red River Parish.”

Early voting begins tomorrow, September 28that the Registrar of Voters office in the Courthouse. Hours are 8:30 am until 6:00 pm. Early voting runs through Saturday, October 5th, except for Sunday.”

Put Dovie Neal Beard’s 22 years of experience to work for you as Assessor of Red River Parish. Vote #78 during early voting week or on election day, October 12th.

Cheerleaders Champs at Good Ole Days

From Cheer Coach Alice Everett

Congratulations to our Red River High School Cheerleaders.  They placed last weekend in the Marthaville Good Ole Days Festival. They are bringing home trophies for 1st place Spirit, 1st place High School Cheer and 2nd place Overall!

Keep up the hard work ladies. Job well done.

You can see the cheerleaders in action Friday night. They will accompany the Red River Bulldogs to Many for their game against the Tigers.

Students of the Month at Riverdale

Riverdale Elementary – Pre-K4 Student Annelise Cason.  Her parents are Dan and Amanda Cason.  Annelise’s favorite food is pizza, and her favorite color is blue.  When she is not at school, Annelise enjoys playing video games with her brothers.

Riverdale Junior High – 5th Grade Student Ally Kate Hillman.  Her parents are Cody and Lauren Hillman. Ally Kate is an A student, and her favorite subject at school is social studies.  In her free time, she likes to play basketball and do art.  She is an active member of kid’s choir at Martin Baptist Church, where she recently played the lead role in the musical “The Tale of Three Trees.”  Ally thinks she might want to be a teacher when she grows up.

Riverdale High School – 9th Grade Student Molly Seales.  Her parents are James and Bethany Seales.  She is a 4.0 honor roll student, and her favorite subject is math.  She is an active member of Riverdale’s Beta Club and FCA.  Molly enjoys being a cheerleader for the Rebels.  In her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, snap chatting, and fishing.

The Students of the Month are honored each month by our local VFW Post and Auxiliary 7287.  Each student is presented a certificate memorializing their selection along with a gift card to Dairy Queen.

Fair Safety Tips

The annual parish fair begins next week.  Here are some tips from the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office to help keep you and your family safe at the fair.

With the Red River Parish Fair beginning on October 1st, Sheriff Edwards would like to share the following tips to help keep your family safe while enjoying the festivities:

  • Keep your children in sight and teach them to stay close to you, especially in large crowds.
  • Talk to your children about what being lost means and what to do if they become lost.
  • Should your child get lost, don’t look for them alone. Immediately notify law enforcement by contacting an officer or deputy at the fairgrounds or by calling the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office (RRPSO) at 932-4221.
  • Have your children carry or wear emergency information that tells how to reach you. Include phone numbers, emergency contacts, important medical information, and anything else you think is important.
  • Dress kids in bright colors to make them easier to spot.
  • Use your phone to take a photo of each child before leaving home. This will ensure that you have a current photo and will provide a record of exactly what they are wearing.
  • Teach your child that it is okay to say NO and GET AWAY from any person or situation making them feel scared, uncomfortable or confused.
  • Pay attention to the weather forecast and prepare appropriately.
  • Know where the first aid area is located should you need to access it quickly.
  • When riding carnival rides, follow the safety rules and instructions of the carnival workers.
  • When attending the parade, keep children a safe distance from moving vehicles and floats. Allow your children to eat only factory-wrapped treats.

Fair week is always an exciting time for the children and families of our community. Sheriff Edwards and RRPSO deputies look forward to seeing you all at the fairgrounds and will be present to help ensure that everyone has a safe and fun week!

Elementary Girls Basketball

The RRES Girls’ Basketball season has come to an end and what a great season it was for these young ladies. Learning and growing, these girls played their hearts out every single game and showed improvement every time they stepped out on the court. A special thanks to Coach Craig for taking the time to work with them and coach them. 

Team members are Sha’Chrystian Campbell, Jada Gary, Alyssa Gay, Gabi Bounds, Tiara Hayes, Adrionna Murphy, Neveah Smith, Journe’ Johnson, Morgan Housely, and Kaleah Crawford.  Ginger Craig is their coach.

From Jana Bounds

Red River High Honor Band

By Yasmine Jason, Red River Band Director

I’m pleased to announce that Red River High School students auditioned for District 2 Honor Band last weekend.  One band member, Carlena Henry made the ensemble.

Honor Band is an elite ensemble of the best musicians in our Louisiana district. In District 2, there are 12 high schools that we compete against. To make the band is a very hard task to complete and the students did an excellent job. We are extremely proud of all their accomplishments.

Bottom row left to right: William Craine, Justin Johnson, and Terry Adams.
Top Row left to right: Skyler Kitchens, Billy Henry, Carlena Henry, Nevaeh Caldwell, A.J. Robinson, Michael Evans, and Kayla Williams. 

The school posted on social media:

Red River High School would like to say congratulations to Carlena Henry. She will represent RRHS as a member of the Laffitte Honor Band. She is the 8th chair out of 32 clarinets that auditioned in our district. Good luck and we know you will represent us well.

We also want to acknowledge our other students who auditioned last weekend: Justin Johnson, William Craine, Terry Adams, Michael Evans, AJ Robinson, Billy Henry, Skyler Kitchens, Nevaeh Caldwell and Kayla Williams. These students also did very well, and some came very close to making the ensemble. Great job students and thank you to Band DirectorYasmine Jason.