Water Restored in Coushatta

As of Thursday mid-morning water service had been restored to residences and businesses that were affected by several breaks in water pipes.  Mayor Johnny Cox said the work was completed overnight and there will be no boil advisory issued.

The Journal noticed that Old Folks Café was closed Thursday.  One of the breaks had occurred in front of that location.

Many areas of Coushatta lost their water on Wednesday.  The mayor said  “People boring for fiber optic installation hit water lines.  One of those was in front of the Old Folks Cafe.”  In all Cox said they have water lines broken in five separate places. 

Mayor Johnny Cox said the repair work went on all night.  Cox said the water interruptions were in the Springville area, along US 71 east of town, and the Bogen Lane area.  These are areas serviced by the Coushatta water system including some areas outside the town limits.

East Carroll Closed For Sewer Repair

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development advises motorists that, effective immediately, US 84 (East Carroll Street) between US 371 and LA 480 in Coushatta, Red River Parish is closed.  This closure is necessary to allow the Town of Coushatta to repair a sewer line that has failed.

DOTD will issue an update when the Town has completed their work, and the roadway has been reopened.

Alternate route: LA 480, US 71, and US 371

Restrictions/Permits: Total road closure at this location. All vehicles must use an alternate route.

This work will be performed WEATHER PERMITTING.

Summer High School Sports

Red River High is operating on the “Balanced Calendar” so the school year extends to the end of June.  This has opened up summer sports programs.  Both basketball teams, the baseball team and the softball team are all playing.

New Lady Bulldog Basketball Coach Kim Burton has wasted no time getting her team together.  She has scheduled two big play dates and she said more are possible.  The Lady Bulldogs will travel to Centenary College June 7th for three games.  Red River plays Airline at 9:00 am in the Gold Dome, then they play Northwood in the Fitness Center at Noon, and wrap up the day at 2:00 pm back in the Gold Dome for a game with Mansfield.

Burton has the Lady Bulldogs in the Southwood Camp on June 17th.  They will play two evening games at Parkway High’s Main Gym.  Red River vs Simsboro is at 7:00 pm and Red River plays Calvary at 8:00 pm.

The Lady Bulldogs Softball team will play two games next Thursday, June 3rd at Doyline.  Red River plays Doyline at 4:00 pm and they play Lakeside at 5:30 pm.  The following week the softball team will be at Southwood on Wednesday and at Mansfield on Thursday.

The Bulldog Basketball team begins play on Tuesday, June 1st.  Coach Dadrian Harris said they begin at home with a game against Homer at 4:45 pm and vs Lakeview at 6:15 pm.  Also next week they will play Airline and Benton on Thursday.  The games will be played at Bossier High with the Airline game at 4:00 pm and Benton at 5:20.

Riverdale Academy Class of 2022 Holds Ring Ceremony

By Molly Seales

On the afternoon of Friday, May 14, the Riverdale Academy Class of 2022 held its ring ceremony and they officially became seniors at Riverdale Academy.  There is a tradition that the junior class has its ring ceremony the day after the seniors graduate.  At 1:30 p.m. family and friends gathered in the gym for the ring presentations.

Class of 2022 seniors and their ring presenters were Kaden Cason, who was presented his ring by his grandmother, Lisa Eddy; Sarah Dabbs, who was presented her ring by her parents, Bill and Kym Dabbs; Sidney Free, who was presented her ring by her grandmother Sandra Eddy; Rylee Hodge, who was presented her ring by her sister, Emily Hodge; Tyler Hodgin, who was presented his ring by his mom Lisa and Dwayne Baker; Reagan Huddleston, who was presented his ring by his parents, Matt and Celeste Huddleston; Ty Jones, who was presented his watch by his parents, Julie Jones and Tyler Jones; Kenley Loftin, who was presented her ring by her sister, Ansley Loftin; Caden Long, who was presented his ring by his brother, Braden Long; Jake Messenger, who was presented his necklace by his brother,, Paul Messenger; Chandler Nettles, who was presented his ring by his mom, Heather Nettles; Renee Prosperie, who was presented her ring by her parents, Carey and Donna Prosperie; Levi Shaver, who was presented his ring by his grandmother, Charlotte Shaver; Denver Williams, who was presented his ring by his parents, Rodney and Brandi Williams; and Rylee Kate Woodard, who was presented her ring by her family, Bo, Marie, and Alyssa Woodard.

These 15 seniors are excited about their upcoming year, and the most common answer to, “What do you most look forward to about being a senior?” was getting to leave school early! Congratulations to the RA Class of 2022.  We hope you have an amazing senior year in 2021-2022!

Andersons is Open

Jason Anderson made it official on Thursday.  His produce stand is open for the summer.  Anderson said, “Between rain, snow, and ice and a little bit of sunshine, we are finally getting it together!!!  

Anderson introduced his staff.  Emily Hodge and Chloe Nash will be at the produce stand every day.  Trey Scarbrough and Asa Nash are the field crew that will keep the stand stocked with fresh picked fruit and veggies.

Anderson has something new this summer.  He said, “We have a line of beef this year!!   Steaks, roasts, ground beef, and many more cuts. Grown locally from Dan Cason at Cason Plantation Meats.”

Flowers and ferns are available also.  “Everything is coming on,” said Anderson, “just a bit slow this year.”

Anderson’s Produce and plant farm is located between LA 1 and I-49 on LA 174.  Operating hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday.  Call 319-932-1432 for information.

Two Bulldogs Selected to All-Region Team

RRPPS Athletics said, “Congratulations to RRHS Baseball players who made the LBCA All Region Team. Sr. Jaylon Grigg and Jr. Pierce Kellogg.

Grigg is a senior and he was named an All-Region Outfielder.  Kellogg was named a utility player.

The Louisiana Baseball Coaches Association All Region selection is shown below.  Eleven parishes comprise Region 2.  In addition to Red River they are Bienville, Claiborne, Grant, LaSalle, Lincoln, Natchitoches, Ouachita, Union, and Winn.

Angler’s Perspective – Find Your Own Fish!

By Steve Graf

With more anglers on the water today than in the previous 20 years, one thing has become very apparent. A lot of anglers cannot find their own fish! Now let’s address the main problem…overcrowded lakes. It is insane,  the number of boats on our area lakes and waterways compared to twenty years ago. The recent pandemic is also a major contributor to this issue as well. Boat’s sales soared in 2020 with many people not working and schools being shut down. A big majority of Americans all across the country took to the lakes and outdoors which is a great thing! Nothing bad can come of getting folks, old and young alike, out in the great outdoors. I mean what’s the worst thing that can happen?

Well, let me give you an idea and a few examples. First, overcrowded boat ramps! It amazes me at how seven days a week, you have to wait in line just to launch your boat. Just two short years ago, you could go to any boat ramp Monday thru Thursday and NEVER have to wait to launch or worry how far you’ll have to park your truck and trailer after you launch your boat. Many of today’s lakes, especially Sam Rayburn or sometimes at Toledo Bend, it might be necessary to request an Uber just to get back to the ramp after parking your truck and trailer. Several times this past year I’ve seen people parked almost a mile from the ramp they launched at. It’s insane!

Now that we’re on the water and ready to go fishing, now let’s crank our motor and head to our favorite spot. Oh wow… guess what, after you run 5 miles up the lake dodging jet skiers and pleasure boaters who have not had a boater safety course, you arrive at your favorite spot, and someone is already there.  It’s the same person who saw you yesterday catching fish there. Shocker…but that’s exactly how it is today. There are more people scouting and spying on other anglers like detectives trying to solve a murder mystery. I mean I’ve seen guys using binoculars and watching other anglers at a distance only to wait until they move and then swoop in and mark that location with their electronics so they can return on another day. Tournament anglers are especially targeted and it’s even worse if you have an advertising wrap on your boat. But one thing I’ve done several times just to throw off would be scouts and detectives, is to fake hook sets and I’ve gone as far as to pretend I just caught a fish by leaning over the side of the boat and acting like I’m releasing a fish. It’s quite amusing to watch who moves into the area I just left. I think anyone who has a pair of binoculars in their boat is pathetic.

Next, are what I call “GPS robbers.” These guys are the worst and most unethical anglers on the water. If they see a well-known angler, guide or pro, they will ride up and down the lake looking for these good anglers and will shut down and idle towards the area they are in and hit their GPS button on their electronic units to mark the spot so they can come back later after the angler leaves. While I have never shot anyone before, this is the one thing that I might consider as a consequence for anglers who practice this technique.

Bass fishing is hard enough today with so many anglers competing for a limited number of fishing spots. It just makes an angler mad when you have people on the lake spying on other fishermen and looking to raid their best spots, especially the guides who work very hard to build a reputation for catching fish. This is how they make a living, and it affects their pocketbook when other anglers pull up on their best spots and catch fish. If you are one of those who needs help finding fish, hire a guide and let him show you how to read your electronics so you can find your own fish. It’ll be the best money you ever spent and well worth your time. Till next time, find your own fish and don’t forget to set the hook!

New Riverdale Weight Room

A new weight room is nearing completion at Riverdale Academy.  Football Coach Jared Smelser said, “The floor is down for the new weight room. Getting closer to getting done. Just waiting for the New racks, weights, and machines to be put in.”

Smelser thanked to the workers and the donors for making the project a reality.  Smelser said, “This will be a huge addition once it is completed.”

Opening for Head Start Teacher

The River Parish School Board is accepting applications for the following position:

Red River Elementary Head Start Teacher.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with coursework equivalent to a major relating to early childhood education or advanced degree in early childhood from an accredited university.

Deadline to submit applications is June 1, 2021, at 12:00 pm. All interested applicants should apply online at http://www.rrbulldogs.com.

For more information, you may contact Nicole Eason at 318-271-2150.

Nicole M. Eason

Red River Parish School Board

Human Resources Department