High School Career Day

RRPJ-Career Day-TOP-17Oct27

Colleges and Universities from several states sent representatives to the Red River High Gym on Wednesday for Career Day. Students were excused from classes for one period to talk with school representatives.

The gym was filled most of the morning as college recruiters presented their case for Red River students selecting their school to further their education. The Journal noted there were athletes seeking information on athletic scholarships, as well as other students exploring the possibility of academic scholarships.

Recruiters from the US Army and the Marine Corps were present to explain educational opportunities that are available for the men and women who serve their country. Representatives of the TOPS program were also present. They provided information for students who have to fill out financial aid applications.

The Journal thanks Julie Evans, a Counselor at the school, for the great photos of the event.

Halloween in Downtown

RRPJ-Trunk on Front TOP-17Oct27
For the first time there will be a big celebration on Front Street on Halloween. It is a production of Jolie Vintage Art Studio and the Coushatta Red River Chamber of Commerce. The event will be October 31st beginning about 5:00 pm.

You may be familiar with the “Trunk-or-Treat” events held at Grand Bayou Resort is prior years. This year it is moving to Front Street and has been renamed Trunk on Front Street.

Last minute entries are welcome. Register at RedRiverParish.org. See you downtown Halloween eve!

RRPJ-Trunk on Front BOTTOM-17Oct27

The Great 1918 Coushatta Fire

RRPJ-1918 Fire-17Oct27

Introduction by Joe Taylor: This is another article written by Judge Paul Stephens. This one describes the great 1918 fire that virtually destroyed most of the town.

In 1871 the legislation forming the Parish of Red River was passed. The newly formed police jury selected the steamboat stop called Coushatta Chute as the county seat. The name was derived from the bayou that emptied into the river at that spot. The Bayou at that time was much larger and more substantial than it is now. Apparently it narrowed before going into the river, creating a swift current. Thus the descriptive word “chute “ to describe it. This spot was selected because without roads or transportation. Steamboats were the only outlet to the outside world.

There were several businesses already there and with the increased traffic the courthouse would bring, the village grew rapidly and dropped the chute from its incorporated name.

As we all know the town is no longer on the riverbank. The fire, caving riverbanks and the location of the railroad caused the town businesses to relocate.

Judge Paul Stevens’ story:
When I considered writing about the Great Coushatta Fire, I looked around to those still living here, who remembered it so as to assemble all the facts I could. But fifty-five years is a long time to stretch memory and it is small wonder that all of us were a little hazy on some of the facts. Fortunately I was able to secure from the Shreveport Times their account of the fire published by the paper on the next day, together with their permission to publish it along with this article, which throws a great deal more light on the subject. At any rate it is certain that the fire occurred on Tuesday afternoon, the 25th day of June 1918 and it is equally certain that it was the worst holocaust that ever struck our fair city.

At the time of the fire I was working as Stillman at Red River Refining Company at Crichton, for Oscar Briggs, and when I heard late in the afternoon that the Town had burned, I persuaded the engineer of a freight train that had stopped at the Refinery to pick up cars, to let me ride the ten miles to Coushatta. When I go home there was a pail of smoke everywhere and everybody was so excited and exhausted that I had trouble finding out what had happened. Of course it was a great relief to me to see my mother’s home still standing and to find that the fire had been confined to Old Town.

As the story unfolded, I found that a trash collector, working for the town, whose name was Jonas “Bib” Myers, was burning some trash under the riverbank, just below Lisso’s warehouse. There was a dead china tree standing next to the warehouse, where some leaves had lodged in one of the forks, and some of the burning paper was blown by the strong southern wind into the leaves, which were soon on fire. Several people around Lisso’s store saw the burning leaves in the tree, but had very little water and were unable to extinguish the fire, and soon Lisso’s warehouse was on fire. It was very dry and there was a strong southerly wind and with such a large building as Lisso’s warehouse, located on the extreme southern edge of the town, on fire, the conditions were ideal for a Great Fire and a Great Fire was really had.

Next came Lisso’s store and John Brown’s store. And then it jumped across the street to Mrs. Jane Paxton’s home, then the Fannie Wolfsan Millinery shop, occupied by Mrs. Wynn, the Mrs. Lou Merrells home, then the Coushatta Citizen and the J. P. Clarkson home and the W. P. Carter home all on the east side of Abney Street. Also between Abney Street and Front Street the stores of Redner Merrell and S. T. Armistead were destroyed, as also were the Coushatta Motor Repair Company shop and Sam Laws’ Meat Market. As if this was not enough, the fire then jumped over several low buildings to Carroll Street, where it destroyed the three story Drug store of Dr. Edgerton, the J. J. Stanfill store, a residence that stood across the street from where Walter Mangham now lives, then it crossed Carroll Street and burned the John B. Brown warehouse, the Keete Lockett Residence, the A. J. Moss residence and the residence of J. T. S. Thomas.

Twenty-three major buildings burned in all and perhaps a hundred smaller houses. Frequently three or four huge frame buildings would be burning at the same time. The people worked until they were exhausted. The bucket brigade was no match for this fire. Furniture and goods were hauled out of many buildings only to see much of it destroyed by the onrushing fire. Three large rocking chairs were saved from the gallery of the Paxton house and were given to my mother, who gave one to each of her children, and as I write this article, I am sitting in one of them.

Perhaps the only good that may come from this fire, is that it hastened the day, when most of the businesses from old town were rebuilt over on the railroad and brought the town together again. It is interesting to note that some of the boys that were serving in the army in World War One were home on furlough, at the time of the fire, and were of greet service in our hour of tragic need.

Editors note: This great fire was reported in both the Shreveport Times and Journal the next day, June 26, 1918. They reported some additional details. The Journal reported the loss estimated between $80,000 and $100,000 and twenty-three houses totally destroyed. The Journal reported nearly half the town was burned and that some building owners carried insurance.

The Shreveport Times reported, “While Miss Esther Parker, telephone operator, stayed at her post and called for help until the wall of the building was giving away at her side. Miss Parker escaped unhurt. The conflagration raged from about 3:30 pm until 8:00 pm when it was under control.
“The town had no water supply but residence wells with which to fight the flames. Miss Parker called citizens aid from East Point, Crichton, Hanna, Gahagan, Armistead and Lenzburg.

“Irrie Cole, Banker, fainted from exhauston in fighting the flames. Sam Parker was slightly injured by a falling timber, and Alvin Edgerton was hurt,” reported the Shreveport Times.

Help for Smokers Wishing to Quit

RRPJ-Quit Smoking-17Oct27

The state’s effort to help citizens quit smoking came to the health unit in Coushatta this past week. Feambula Bradley is with Quit Now and she brought information on the harmful effects of tobacco.

Among those stopping by Bradley’s display was Carolyn Hayes, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Police Jury. Hayes took some of the informational brochures and got her “Quit With Us” towel.

Bradley’s message was “You’re not alone in your struggle to stop using tobacco.” She said there are five ways the Louisiana Tobacco Quit line supports efforts of individuals to quit including 24/7 support. Bradley said, “We offer one-on-one phone counseling with a Quit Coach. We also offer replacements for nicotine such as gum, patches and lozenges.”

If you are interested in hosting smoking-cessation classes in the parish, call their toll-free number, 800-Quit-Now or visit QuitWithUsLa.org. Bradley said, “You can get help to quit smoking. Give me a call.”

Egg Drop Defies Gravity, Sort of…

RRPJ-Egg Drop TOP-17Oct25


The students in Philip Dees’ Physics class at Red River High are studying Newton’s second and third laws of physics. Their assignment was to build a container that would protect a fragile object confronted with those physical laws.

Everyone would agree that an egg would splat if dropped from the balcony in the school auditorium. So the challenge was to build a container that would cushion an egg when dropped. The class was divided into two-person teams to design and construct their protective container. The photos show the successful ones.

The winning teams were Angel Baird and Cody Edwards with their “Contraption” made of pencils and other stuff; Kaylee Antilly and Caty Mahfouz with their “Box of Straws and Stuffing”; and Joseah Warren and James Putek with “RIP.” By the way the Container made by Dees was successful also.

Instructor Dees said, “They used USDA Grade A large eggs weighing an average of 58 grams. The challenge was for the students to perform the calculations to discover what it would take to protect the egg.”

The drop was 4.06 meters, or roughly 12-13 feet. Dees said, “I wanted to get the students to think about how Newton’s laws applied in the real world.”

The next challenge, said Dees, “Is to reduce the volume of their container and use two eggs. They will again drop the same height from the balcony of the auditorium. Then in December, after more study and design work, we will go to the stadium and drop the containers off the press box to the ground.” That will take the challenge to another level.

Drug Take Back Day is Saturday

RRPJ-drug take back day-17Oct27

The Louisiana State Police, in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), will participate in the “National Prescription Drug Take Back Day” on Saturday, October 28, 2017. This initiative provides a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for medication abuse.

“Although the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office (RRPSO) is not specifically participating in the “National Prescription Drug Take Back Day” this Saturday (October 28, 2017), our Medication Drop Box will be available to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The drop box provides a safe, convenient, and responsible way to dispose of prescription medication.

Individuals are encouraged to place their unwanted or outdated prescription drugs in a sealed container such as the original bottle or zip-lock bag and deposit them in the receptacle located in the lobby of the RRPSO. Any personal information on the bottles or containers should be removed or marked out with a permanent marker.

The drop box is available to individuals not only this Saturday but also every other day of the year. Sheriff Edwards encourages everyone to take advantage of the drop box program in efforts to make our community a safer place.”

More information on the initiative can be found by visiting

ETC… for October 27th



The Journal says a big THANK YOU to all who responded positively to the Sunrise pictures. Many people I have met on the street in the past couple of days have been very complimentary. Especially kind words came fro Faerie Sledge who wrote, “Nice sunrise photos in today’s journal. Enjoyed seeing them, as you say instead of all “ugly” news.”

This has been an important week for area students planning for their education beyond high school. Representatives of various schools visited the parish with info on their offerings. Also there was a college application day held at Red River High. That story next week in the Journal.

Also coming up today is the dedication of the new mine by the Dolet Hills Mining Company. There will be lots of food and speeches by dignitaries. Governor Edwards is scheduled to speak.

Saturday night is dance night at the Council on Aging on Front Street. The Playmates will be playing from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Admission is $6.00 per person.

As we are putting this edition of the Journal to bed, the crew of Journal Sports is headed to Many to broadcast the Red River vs Many football game. They’re playing on Thursday, moving the game ahead one day because of the fear of bad weather on Friday.

Red River Game Moved Ahead to Thursday (Tonight)

RRPJ-Bulldog on Phone TOP-17Oct6

The district football game originally scheduled for Friday at Many has been moved until Thursday. The Bulldogs are 3 and 2 in district play and are looking forward to a tough challenge against Many.

School officials in Many made the decision to move the game up a day. They notified Red River school officials Wednesday morning. School Superintendent Alison Hughes told the Journal, “I just got an email this morning. That’s the notice I have received.”

Several school personnel the Journal spoke with say the reason for the change was the weather. Supposedly there is supposed to be a drastic change to stormy, cold weather in Many by Friday night. Since this district game is important to both teams, the Journal was told that concern for bad weather was the reason for moving the game forward to Thursday.

Journal Sports will broadcast the game back to Red River Parish. It will be streamed live on our web site and social media feeds. The game will also be broadcast live on local radio station KRRP Easy 950.

Health Unit Hosts Breast Cancer Month Seminar

RRPJ-Breast Cancer-17Oct25


A breast cancer awareness program was presented Friday afternoon at the Red River Parish Health Unit. Over 30 folks signed in to get information on breast cancer. It is part of the health unit’s educational program in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Health Unit Nursing Supervisor Yashica Turner told the Journal, “This was a great turnout! We provided a presentation and information brochures on breast cancer. There are breast self examination videos available also.”

Turner said, “Both men and women should check themselves once a month, looking for signs of breast cancer. Yes, men can get breast cancer. We have one gentleman here today who is a breast cancer survivor.

One of the diagnostic tools is a mammogram. Information distributed at the event Friday said that in Red River Parish more than 30 percent of women have not had a mammogram. The CDC recommends most women 50 to 74 years old should have a screening mammogram every two years.

Here are the symptoms of breast cancer from the Centers for Disease Control:
1. A new lump in the breast or underarm (armpit).
2. Thickening or swelling of part of the breast.
3. Irritation or dimpling of breast skin.
4. Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area of the breast.
5. Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple area.
6. Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood.
7. Any change in the size or shape of the breast.
8. Pain in the breast.

Turner said anyone experiencing these symptoms should get then checked out by their physician. For further information, call the Red River Parish Health Unit at 932-4087.

Two Arrested Following Complaints of House Damage and Attempted Car Theft



On the evening of October 19, 2017 Red River Communications received a call in reference to an incident that occurred in the 400 block of Joe Price Road north of Coushatta. The caller stated that someone had broken into his house and also attempted to steal his car.

After arriving on scene, Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies learned that the ignition on the complainant’s car had been damaged in an apparent attempt to start the vehicle. The front door frame of the house also showed signs of recent damage. Multiple screwdrivers were recovered which were believed to be used to gain illegal entry into the home. Eric Lindsey, who had recently been observed inside the complainant’s car and outside of his house, was identified as the alleged perpetrator.

Deputies then proceeded to a residence in the 100 block of Elria Road where they made contact with Lindsey. He was taken into custody without incident and a subsequent search of his person yielded illegal narcotics. A loaded handgun, which Lindsey concealed from deputies, was also recovered and taken into evidence.

Eric Lindsey, W/M, age 32 of the 400 block of Joe Price Road, Coushatta, LA was booked into the Red River Parish Jail (RRPJ) on the following charges: Simple Criminal Damage to Property Less than $500, Simple Burglary, Attempted Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Schedule IV Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS), Possession of Schedule III CDS and Illegal Carrying of Weapons. Total bond for these charges was set at $18,300.

While effecting Lindsey’s arrest, deputies encountered a second subject known to have an outstanding bench warrant. Joel D. Long II, W/M, age 30 of the 100 block of Elria Road, Coushatta, LA was taken into custody and charged with Failure to Appear (Fines & Costs, 2 counts of Simple Battery and Remaining after Forbidden).

The following day, RRPSO deputies and detectives returned to the 100 block of Elria Road and were given consent to search the residence and an outlying building. While searching the building, deputies recovered various articles of drug paraphernalia, all of which were attributed to either Lindsey or Long. A subsequent search of Long’s bedroom, which was accessible to his two minor children, yielded drug paraphernalia and residue suspected of being methamphetamine. All items were collected as evidence.

On October 20, 2017, while housed in the RRPJ, Long was once again placed under arrest and charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Schedule II CDS and Illegal Use of CDS in Presence of Persons under 17 years of age. In addition to $590 due in fines & costs, total bond for these charges was set at $6000. He remains incarcerated in the RRPJ and a probation hold has also been placed on his release.

Additional charges are pending for Lindsey. They include Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Illegal Use of CDS in Presence of Persons under 17 years of age and Possession of a Firearm with a CDS. He remains incarcerated in the RRPJ.

The Road to the Playoffs



Both high school football teams in the parish appear headed to the playoffs. Riverdale Academy clinched a berth by posting a 7 win and no loss district record. Red River High has a 3 win and no loss district record so far with two district contests to go.

Riverdale’s Head Coach Jared Smelser told The Journal their first playoff opponent would be determined after this week’s games. Riverdale has a bye on Friday. Smelser said, “We will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs thanks to our district record.” The first playoff game will be November 3rd. Coach Smelser said, “Potential opponents are Tallulah Academy from Tallulah, LA or North Sunflower Academy from Drew, MS.”

Asked about the keys to Riverdale’s success this season, Coach Smelser said, “We are not a very large team and some people judge you by your size. The most underrated thing is our smarts and resilience. We don’t want to loose. We have a great combination of heart and resilience and that has lead to our success.”

Journal Sports is making plans to broadcast the Riverdale playoff games. They will stream live on The Journal’s website, http://www.RedRiverParishJournal.com and social media site http://www.Facebook.com/RedRiverParishJournal. There will be a button to click to listen to the games. Exact game time will be published when it is finalized.

District wins versus Winnfield, Lakeview and Bunkie are boosting the Bulldogs’ hopes of getting to the playoffs. The Red River High Bulldogs have two district games to go. On Friday they travel to Many for a game with the Tigers. Then the following week the Bulldogs will be home hosting Holy Savior Menard. The outcomes of these games will determine the Bulldogs’ playoff position.

Friday’s game will be broadcast by Journal Sports on both the website and social media site listed above. There is a “Listen Live” button to click on. No special app is necessary to hear the broadcast. Bulldog games are also being broadcast live on local radio station KRRP 950.

Parents Jailed on Child Abuse Charges

On October 17, 2017 at approximately 6:00 p.m., River Parish Sheriff’s Office (RRPSO) deputies were dispatched to Christus Coushatta Emergency Room in reference to a suspected child abuse victim. The four year old white/male was driven by private vehicle to the E.R. by his step mother after he reportedly became unresponsive. Following initial contact with the child and his step mother, responding deputies requested that a RRPSO criminal investigator be dispatched to the hospital.

At approximately 6:20 p.m. the investigator arrived on scene and met with medical personnel and the victim, observing and documenting numerous injuries over his entire body, including significant head trauma. The pattern of injuries indicated abuse over an extended period. The child was being prepped for air transport due to the seriousness of the injuries and was subsequently airlifted by Life Air helicopter to University Health in Shreveport. The child’s step mother, Brooke Blount, was interviewed during this process. Probable Cause was developed which confirmed that Mrs. Blount was responsible for the serious injuries inflicted on the child.

Brooke A. Blount, W/F, age 23, of the 100 block of John Cotton Road, Coushatta, LA was taken into custody without incident and later transported to the Red River Parish Jail (RRPJ) for booking. She was charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder, Second Degree Cruelty to a Juvenile and Domestic Abuse Battery (Serious Bodily Injury). Her total bond was set at $250,000 and she remains incarcerated.

Later that evening, the investigator interviewed the child’s biological father, Jordan Blount, who had been working out of town. While it was determined that he was not involved in the most recent incident, the investigator developed evidence of his involvement in prior instances of abuse.

Jordan L. Blount, W/M, age 25, also of the 100 block of John Cotton Road in Coushatta was placed under arrest and charged with Second Degree Cruelty to a Juvenile and Domestic Abuse Battery (Serious Bodily Injury). His total bond was set at $150,000 and he remains incarcerated in the RRPJ.

At last report the child was listed in stable condition at University Health. The investigation is ongoing.


Mentoring Program Helping Red River Students



The school board received an update on the school district’s mentoring program at the October board meeting. The presentation was made by Vera Smith, the Parent-Community Outreach Facilitator.

Smith reported, “We have 15 mentors at this point. And we need more. Hopefully we can attract more community residents, parents, business people to work with us.” Smith reported 48 referrals from Red River Junior High and 20 referrals from Red River Elementary School.

There are more referrals than workers. So Smith said, “We have developed a mini-mentor program. We have children working with other children. So far there are 22 youth mentors.”

Smith reports that this year there is a mentoring program getting started at Red River High. She said, “The Sheriff’s Department has agreed to be our support staff. They are working with mentors to talk with kids about getting tickets and bullying, among other topics.”

In summary Smith said, “I am working extremely hard to help our pastors and parents to understand how important it is for a child to say ‘I have a friend.’” She added, “It is more about to work with the child than just academics. It is important for a child to be able to say the mentor is saying something really different, something I have not heard before.”


Crash on US 84

RRPJ-Crash on US 84-17Oct25.JPG

Last Friday morning, shortly after 5:30 a.m., there was a wreck at Ed Lester’s farm on highway 84. It tied up traffic between Armistead and the Red River Bridge for several hours.

Matt Harris of State Police reported, “A 2002 Dodge Ram operated by 34-year-old Charles Todd of Campti was traveling west on US 84, when he crossed the center line, and struck a east bound 2018 Western Star Tractor Trailer operated by 51-year-old Kevin Broadway of Robeline.

“Both drivers were wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash were not injured. At the conclusion of the crash investigation, Todd was cited for improper lane usage.”

Spectacular Sunrises

RRPJ-Sunrise TOP-17Oct25

This story isn’t about corruption, or misconduct, or anything else that grabs our attention. It is about beauty. For several days in the past week we have had spectacular sunrises visible in the parish. Here are a couple the Journal captured recently.

We have enough “ugly” in the world. How about something “beautiful” that we did not have to expend any effort to create.


RRPJ-Sunrise BOTTOM-17Oct25


ETC… for October 25th



Halloween is almost here. You can tell by the decorations in yards and businesses. There are celebrations planned all around the parish. Many churches are having a fall festival. The Chamber of Commerce and Front Street merchants are holding a “Trunk on Front” next Tuesday evening beginning at 5:00 pm. Bring the children in costume and select something from the various vehicle trunks.

The Red River Athletic Booster Club is selling tickets for the Yeti Cooler raffle. Get them from Randy Thomas or any member of the boosters. Only $5.00 per chance. The cooler will be given away at halftime during the Menard football game November 3rd.

The dedication of the Oxbow Mine Facility, located off I-49 exit 162, or Highway 177. It starts at 11:30 Friday morning October 27th.

Saturday night is the time to dance. The Council on Aging holds the monthly dance with “The Playmates” from 7 to 10 pm. Cover charge is $6.

Local Teen Faces Terrorizing Charges

At approximately 9:30 p.m. on October 17, 2017 a Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office (RRPSO) deputy was contacted by a Red River High School teacher in reference to threats posted on social media.

Earlier in the day, the educator had referred a 15 year old female student to school authorities for discipline following a classroom incident and subsequent derogatory comments directed towards the teacher.

Following school that evening, the teacher learned that the student had posted information on social media threatening to kill her and blow up the high school. A copy of the post was provided to deputies and collected as evidence.

At approximately 11:35 p.m. deputies made contact with the student at a relative’s residence. The juvenile, along with a concerned adult (relative), were transported to the sheriff’s office for questioning. During the interview, no apparent means were discovered to carry out the bomb threat. Probable cause, however, was developed to take the student into custody for the alleged threats. The teenager was charged with Terrorizing and, in the interest of public safety, was housed in Ware Detention Center pending a court hearing.


Donkey Ball Packed the House

RRPJ-Donkey BKB TOP-17Oct20


Nearly every seat was filled on Tuesday night for the Donkey Basketball game. Local celebs and personalities took turns riding and attempting to score a goal. Rather just attempting to stay on their trusty mounts.

The event is an annual fundraiser for Red River Junior High School. Principal Mike Peter dressed up as Farmer Brown or some other rather rural looking individual and assumed the role of “Ring Master” on the event. That’s him wearing the high-water overalls, with loose strap.

The donkeys were tethered outside the Junior High Gym waiting their turn while potential riders met the donkeys and attempted to “bond” with them. One could say “I don’t think it worked!” All the sweet-talking, tugging, dragging, or slapping on the butt didn’t convince them to do what their riders wanted. Hey, they’re donkeys!

The evening’s entertainment consisted of two games between teams of local riders. Winners of those two games played each other for the championship. In game 1 Jackace defeated the High Ballers 16-14. Game 2 saw the Jumping Jacks and Donkey Dunkers battle to a tie, two points to two. No one could get the ball in the net.

An arm wrestling match, in center circle, decided the outcome. The floor crew cleaned the circle before the arm wrestling. The captain of the Donkey Dunkers prevailed. And off they went to the finals.

The final game of the evening saw Jackace outscore the Donkey Dunkers 12 to 6. By that time, or perhaps way before that time, the donkeys had had enough. Their crankiness sprang forward as riders were thrown into the air, or flipped forward over the donkey’s head. One brave soul even attempted to stay atop a wildly kicking donkey as it bounded down the court. Guess who won that contest!

The crowd enjoyed every bit of the evening’s entertainment. It was like an old joke that your favorite uncle tells over and over. It just gets funnier. Donkey Basketball has been around for a lot of years. It never seems to get old, and it is funnier and funnier every year. So The Journal is eagerly awaiting next year’s Donkey Basketball game at the Junior High.

School System Thanks the Voters

RRPJ-School TY Ltr-17Oct20


An official “Thank You” letter was issued by Superintendent Alison Hughes thanking voters for approving the school board’s tax propositions. In the letter Hughes said, “Thank you and I look forward to showcasing our new facilities and upgrades in the future.”

Hughes said, “The vote of confidence is a tremendous show of support for the wonderful work that takes place in our schools every day.” She added, “Over the last year, we have worked tirelessly to establish a list of needs for our district to be addressed in the coming years. With our support, these needs will now be met.”

The parish Board of Election Supervisors certified results of the election on Tuesday.

Deputies Checking Out Kids Playing in the Road Leads to Drug Arrest

RRPJ-Arrest Brevelle-17Oct20At approximately 7:00 p.m. on October 13, 2017, a Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office (RRPSO) deputy was dispatched to Hwy 787 south of the Martin community near Hwy 507. A passerby reported seeing children playing in the roadway while an unresponsive driver and passenger sat in a nearby vehicle.

Upon arrival, the deputy observed a child standing near the intersection of the two highways and a car parked partially in the northbound lane of Hwy 787. The driver, identified as Chris Brevelle Jr., was acting strangely and would not make eye contact when questioned by the deputy. He alleged that his car had died and that he was attempting to make repairs.

After Brevelle Jr. complied with instructions and exited the vehicle, the deputy observed a hand rolled cigarette on the driver’s side floor board. Brevelle Jr. subsequently admitted that the cigarette contained “mojo” (synthetic marijuana) and that a baggie containing the same substance was under the driver’s seat.

The illegal narcotics were collected as evidence. Brevelle Jr. was placed under arrest without incident and transported to the Red River Parish Jail (RRPJ) for booking. The three children, ranging from 11 to 14 years of age, as well as the vehicle, were released to the suspect’s wife/mother of the children.

Chris I. Brevelle Jr., W/M, age 34 of the 4600 block of Hwy 514, Coushatta, LA was charged with Possession of Schedule I Synthetic Cannabinoids and Illegal Use of Controlled Dangerous Substance in Presence of Persons under Seventeen Years of Age. His bond has yet to be set and he remains incarcerated in the RRPJ.


Appreciation Dinner by Pox Jury

RRPJ-PJ Appreciation TOP-17Oct20

Employees of the Red River Parish Police Jury were treated to an “Employee Appreciation Dinner” recently. Police Jury President, Shawn Beard gave words of thanks and encouragement.

Larry Hughs – Road Superintendent thanked the RRPP road crew for being team players and keeping the parish looking good. Ms. Carolyn Hayes- Secretary/ Treasure called out numbers for door prizes.

Tangela Maxwell submitted the pictures accompanying this story. They show that all had a great time. Maxwell said the police jury would like to thank C&K Barbecue and London’s Detail and Car wash for their generosity. Maxwell added, “The Jury’s employees, family and friends enjoyed an evening celebrating with one another.”