New Priest and New Mass Times at St. George’s

RRPJ-St George-18Sep28The Catholic Church out on Highway 155 welcomed in August a new priest, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Owino Onyach, FMH. The congregation has been energized with Father Nick’s youthful enthusiasm and thought provoking messages. Father Nick’s goal is to spend more time in the Coushatta community and not have to rush off to his duties at Mary, Queen of Peace in Bossier City so he has gotten permission to dedicate his Saturdays to us here in the Coushatta area. Beginning October 6th Saint George’s mass schedule will change to

Saturday Vigil Mass at 4:00 PM

and every Wednesday at 5:00 PM

Here is an introduction, in his own words, of Father Nick:

I am the last born of a family of seven, two girls and five boys. I was born on August 23, 1964, in Slaya County of Kisumu, Kenya in East Africa. Being born in Africa, one hardly dreams of leaving outside the continent. As my friend Fr. John says, “you are born in the banana field, your daily food is bananas, you drink beer made from bananas, and when you die you will be buried within the banana plantations”. God forbid if one does not go bananas.

My teachers in my primary school days were so mean. They could flog us for no good reason. Being the youngest child, I could run to my mom crying and she encouraged me to switch schools. I began in Hafumbre primary school, and continued my education in Got Odima, Lifunga, Busia Township and finally graduated at Sega boys in 1980. I became a seminarian at the age of fourteen, the priest in charge of vocations asked me what kind of a priest I wished to become, I said a missionary priest without really understanding the implication. I then joined Kiserian Minor Seminary. I would later learn that one ministered outside familiar territory. After the minor seminary I worked for a year with a road construction company then joined the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor. As a student I was sent to the country of Zambia in central Africa. My first delicacy was a bunch of caterpillars and mice. Don’t you worry both tasted like chicken.

After my Philosophy at St. Bonaventure College in Zambia, and theology at Tangaza College in Nairobi, the Lord blessed us with a new Community, The Franciscan Missionaries of Hope. I came to Shreveport in 1999, ordained to the deaconate March 19, 2000 and on August 12, 2000 I was ordained to the priesthood. My life after ordination to the priesthood changed drastically. From a village boy running after goats, sheep, and cattle, to a missionary priest away from home and stationed in Shreveport, LA. My first dinner was shrimp and noodles. These looked the same

like caterpillars only they were white. The following day during lunch, we had hot dogs and I almost screamed we don’t eat dogs in Africa.

After four years in Louisiana, I returned to Africa for six years, and then returned to the USA, this time to Long Island, New York. It was winter. The sun was shining and the sight of snow was so beautiful. I went out in my short sleeves to enjoy vitamin D from the sun as we do in Kenya. It was freezing cold and soon I was bundled up like everyone else. The English spoken in NY isn’t close to what I was used to, in Kenya and Louisiana.

One striking thing in Louisiana and in New York is that people appreciated my efforts to learn and to adapt. They would thank me for my service and my vocation to the priesthood. They wanted to know how they could be of help to our people in Africa. These people that I call Friends to the Gospel of Hearts and Hands have indeed transformed many lives in Kenya and have made me proud as an African Franciscan Missionary priest.

It was my pleasure to minister to the people in New York but I am most grateful to the Diocese of Shreveport and entrusting me to serve the parishioners of Mary, Queen of Peace and St. George Catholic Churches. I come among you with great humility, fully aware that God is Good all the time, and all the time, God is Good. Let us take a day at a time and discover His goodness in our midst, for our well being and for the greater Glory of His Name.

Coushatta Bank Welcomed to Shreveport

RRPJ-BC Breaks Ground TOP-18Sep28

The Mayor, the Chamber of Commerce and others turned out Wednesday to welcome the Bank of Coushatta to Shreveport. The official groundbreaking was held on property the bank acquired at 9391 Ellerbe Road in south Shreveport. The gloomy skies could not damper the festive mood of bank officers and local dignitaries gathered for the festivities.

As you can see in the photos, everyone put a hand to a golden shovel and tossed in a scoop or two of dirt. Opening remarks were by Jim Mabus representing the Shreveport Chamber. Mabus said, “We’re proud to have the Bank of Coushatta with a very visible presence. It will enhance the community.” Mabus and others at the groundbreaking all agree that the Ellerbe Road area is destined for economic expansion in the very near future.

Speaking for the bank, Board Chairman Jim Bethard recalled the success the bank has had with a loan production office opened in south Shreveport earlier. “We see the need for a full service branch in this area,” said Bethard, “Keep an eye on this site and come visit us when construction is complete and we are open.”

Shreveport Mayor Ollie Taylor added her welcome to the bank. Taylor said, “We are pleased to have a branch of the Bank of Coushatta coming to Shreveport.” Referring to the bank’s 120 years of service, Taylor said, “We are so glad to include your great legacy in the Shreveport community. We need another great bank to serve the economic development in this area of the city.”

Coushatta Mayor Johnny Cox and Police Chief Kevin Stafford made the trip to the groundbreaking. Cox said it was a great event, “I am excited about the project. It is a great day for the bank and for Coushatta.”

Following the welcoming speeches, everyone donned a hard hat and construction vest, then grabbed a golden shovel, and tossed in a couple of shovels of dirt. This marked the official groundbreaking for the bank. (Editor’s note: There was talk among some of the attendees of cranking up the big machine in the background and doing a proper ground breaking. But it remained in the “talk” stage.)

The new Bank of Coushatta Shreveport branch will be in a strip shopping center the bank will construct on the property on Ellerbe Road. Details of other occupants of the center will be announced later.

RRPJ-BC Breaks Ground BOTTOM-18Sep28

Recognition Banquet for Boys and Girls State Delegates

RRPJ-Boys Girls State-18Sep28

Coushatta’s American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary Post 118 held their annual recognition banquet this week for the students they sponsored to Boys and Girls State. The event was held at Northwestern State University over the summer.

Peggy Ray of the Auxiliary opened the program with a brief remembrance of three American Legion members who had passed away during the prior year. They are Henry Bethard, Johnny Duco and Willie Robinson. Ray said, “They were charter members of the Post and had remained active throughout the years. We will miss them.”

Henry Bethard had been a delegate to the very first Boys State in Louisiana. The year was 1940. Bethard was among 110 delegates to “Pelican Boys State.” Three years earlier Bethard had attended the very first Boy Scouts of American National Jamboree held in Washington, DC.

Each delegate presented their observations from their week. Teanna Eason, representing Red River High, went first. Eason said, “I was frightened at first but got to know a bunch of great girls. I enjoyed running for School Board but the highlight of the week was the dance the last night.”

Delegate Charli Williams, also from Red River High, said, “I wanted to go home after the first day. The food was definitely not my grandmother’s cooking. But it was the best week of my life. I got to help create a school. I got to see how much work Superintendent (Alison) Hughes does just to keep the schools running. It was life changing, and I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Delegate Sagar Patel recalled he had no idea what he was getting into, but several people and his counselor advised him to go. “As I got settled in, I knew it would be unforgettable,” said Patel, “I was elected Insurance Commission for my city and parish. I ran for state but did not make it.” He said the people he met at Boys State became more than friends, “they are brothers and my family.”

Delegate Logan Smith represented Central School at Boys State. He said, “I had no idea what was going to happen until I got there. I was put into a group and they became a family. I am still in contact with friends I made. At the end, I did not want to go home.

All of the delegates spoke of all night sessions writing speeches and preparing for elections. All said they enjoyed making new friends, learning how our state and local governments work, and enjoying the week-long experience. Some said they wanted to return next year as a counselor to others going through the Boys and Girls State experience.

Applications for 2019 Boys and Girls State will be taken next spring. Students interested may get information on line or from their school counselors.

Fair Safety Tips from the Sheriff’s Office

RRPJ-Sheriff's Fair Safety-18Sep28

With the Red River Parish Fair beginning on October 2nd, Sheriff Edwards would like to share the following tips to help keep your family safe while enjoying the festivities:

* Keep your children in sight and teach them to stay close to you, especially in large crowds.

* Talk to your children about what being lost means and what to do if they become lost.

* Should your child get lost, don’t look for them alone. Immediately notify law enforcement by contacting an officer or deputy at the fairgrounds or by calling the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office (RRPSO) at 932-4221.

* Have your children carry or wear emergency information that tells how to reach you. Include phone numbers, emergency contacts, important medical information, and anything else you think is important.

* Dress kids in bright colors to make them easier to spot.

* Use your phone to take a photo of each child before leaving home. This will ensure that you have a current photo and will provide a record of exactly what they are wearing.

* Teach your child that it is okay to say NO and GET AWAY from any person or situation making them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.

* Pay attention to the weather forecast and prepare appropriately.

* Know where the first aid area is located should you need to access it quickly.

* When riding carnival rides, follow the safety rules and instructions of the carnival workers.

* When attending the parade, keep children a safe distance from moving vehicles and floats. Allow your children to eat only factory-wrapped treats.

Fair week is always an exciting time for the children and families of our community. Sheriff Edwards and RRPSO deputies look forward to seeing you all at the fairgrounds and will be present to help ensure that everyone has a safe and fun week!

Student of the Month Program Expanding

RRPJ-student of month-18Sep28

More students in our area will be recognized for the outstanding job they do. The local VFW and Auxiliary are expanding the Student of the Month program to include Riverdale Academy.

Riverdale Academy Principal, Dr. Robert Peters is excited that his students will be getting recognition for the outstanding work they do. Riverdale is in the process of selecting their students and they will be announced shortly.

At the September meeting of the Red River Parish School Board, VFW Post 7287 and Auxiliary 7287 presented students from Red River Elementary, Red River Junior High and Red River High schools with a certificate and gift card to Dairy Queen. The post expects to present certificates and gift cards to a student from Riverdale Elementary, Riverdale Middle, and Riverdale High schools also.

Red River at the Pole

RRPJ-RR at the Pole TOP-18Sep28

Wednesday was “See You At The Pole” day across the nation. Students at Red River High gathered about 7:30 am to celebrate before classes. A large group of students listened to inspirational speakers, sang songs, and saluted the flag with posting of the colors.

Sagar Patel gave a brief history of the observance. He noted that gathering at the flag pole before school was started in Texas by students. Since the early 1990s the event has grown to involve about three million students in the US and around the world today.

The opening prayer was offered by Gakerreon McDonald. Joshua Loftin read the scripture and delivered the devotional. Teanna Eason led the song. And Charli Williams closed the program by thanking everyone for coming this year. Williams closed with prayer.

RRPJ-RR at the Pole BOTTOM-18Sep28

At the Pole Gathering at Riverdale

RRPJ-RA at the Pole BOTTOM-18Sep28The student body of Riverdale Academy gathered in the gym for the “See You At The Pole” event. All students from first through twelfth grades attended. Riverdale’s celebration was held at 8:00 am.

Special guest speaker was Greg Hunt of Cowboy Life Ministry. Hunt is a Riverdale graduate. He recalled going to class “in that little red school building right back there.”

Hunt’s message to the students was “enjoy being a kid. You are special, like nobody else.” He spoke about bullying and other things children face today. “I just ran away, there was no such thing as the internet and cyber bullying,” he said. Hunt told the students they can “just turn it off” to get away from bullying online.

Hunt had a life-lesson for students. “The best thing to do is to fail,” Hunt said, “because every successful person has failed more times than they succeed. But just keep going and don’t believe that you are not good enough.” Hunt added, “God made you unique. Don’t let anyone keep you from being what God created you to be.”

Dr. Hunter Brown invited the students to come and gather around the flag posted in the center of the gym. Then he led in the singing of “Sanctuary” before closing with prayer.

Friday Night Football

RRPJ-Friday Night Football-18Sep28-2

This is a home and away weekend. Red River’s Bulldogs will be playing at home. Riverdale is on the road tonight. You can hear both games live on The Journal’s website and social media posts.

Red River hosts Richwood at Pat Strother Memorial Stadium. Richwood High is located about five miles south of Monroe along US 165. Red River’s record is now 2-1 after a loss to Alexandria Senior High last week.

Riverdale Academy is on the road to Winnsboro to play Franklin Academy. The Rebels are 3-2. They defeated Claiborne Academy 30-14 at home last Friday.

Kickoff for both games will be 7:00 pm. The broadcasts of the games begin about 6:45. Just look for the Journal Sports Live Broadcast banner and click on the team you wish to listen to.

ETC… for September 28th


Louisiana State University seeks to contact relatives, descendants and friends of a Coushatta man and 29 other former students who were killed in World War I. The Coushatta man is Alan Loughery Melton who attended LSU in 1916 and 1917.

LSU’s Memorial Oak Grove is being reimagined as a prominent place of remembrance, and on Sunday, Nov. 11, the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, a rededication ceremony will be held on campus. Leading up to the rededication ceremony in November, LSU is looking for friends, relatives and descendants of the former LSU students and alumni who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War I and are honored in the Memorial Oak Grove. For more information or if you know one of the men honored at the Memorial Oak Grove, please contact LSU Biological Sciences Professor Gary King at

Two programs are featured at the Red River Parish Health Unit next Friday. The Health Unit and the MLK Health Clinic’s H E A R T program will host a Breast Cancer Awareness event fro 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Following that at 3:30, LERN will present “Stop the Bleed! Save a Life” at the Health unit.

First Methodist and Wesley Chapel United Methodist Churches are haing a 5th Sunday lunch honoring Joy and Edgar Gaddis who moved to assisted living two weeks ago. Bring entrees, vegetables, salads and desserts. All members of Wesley Chapel and FUMC are invited as well as any others who might like to attend.

Northwestern State University will hold its fall break Oct. 1-2. Administrative offices will be open during the break. Classes will resume Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Congratulations to NSU’s Coach Mike McConathy. He begins his 20th season as Head Basketball Coach of the Demons.

Groundbreaking for Bank of Coushatta Shreveport Branch

RRPJ-Groundbreaking for B C Shrve-18Sep26The Bank of Coushatta was founded in Coushatta in 1897. It has grown and increased service to the area many times over. The original bank building survived the great fire of 1918. It is the only structure from old Coushatta on the river that survives to this day.

Today the bank makes another major growth stride. Here is the bank’s announcement:

SHREVEPORT, LA — James G. Bethard, Chariman of the Board, Jerry Glover, President, Joel Ossmann, Vice President, Shreveport location, directors, employees, and customers of Bank of Coushatta, will join together on Wednesday, September 26, at 11 o’clock for a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the new Bank of Coushatta Shreveport branch at 9391 Ellerbe Road.

Approvals were granted for the Shreveport branch earlier this summer by the FDIC and OFI. The branch is scheduled to open in early 2019.

On July 30, 1897 the Bank of Coushatta was chartered and opened for business in the Town of Coushatta, located then on the East bank of the Red River. Over the past 120 years the bank has grown and evolved along with the town of Coushatta and is now located at 1525 Ringgold Avenue. In November 2015 the Bank of Coushatta expanded into the Shreveport market when they opened a Loan Production Office located on Fern Avenue.

The new Shreveport branch will allow the bank continued growth and will offer Shreveport customers services such as deposit and savings accounts, personal loans, business loans, debit cards, and mobile banking which allows access to your accounts from anywhere at any time.

For more information about the new Shreveport location of Bank of Coushatta visit our website at or call us at 318-932-3491.

Homecoming Courts Announced

RRPJ-homecoming courts-18Sep26

October 12th is Homecoming for both high schools in the parish. In preparation, both Red River High and Riverdale Academy have announced their Homecoming Courts.

Here is the line-up for the Riverdale Homecoming Court:

Freshman Maid- Kenley Loftin

Sophomore Maid- Tylee Adams

Junior Maid- Georgia Dowden

Senior Maid- Bailey LeGrande

Football Sweetheart- Brailee Vaughan

Homecoming Queen- Alyssa Woodard

Crown Bearer- Ellie Reese Hillman

Ball Bearer- Easton Cason

Red River High Principal JC Dickey posted this year’s Homecoming royalty:

9th grade Maid – Payal Patel 10th grade Maid – Shauntraiel Smith 11th grade Maid – Keyanna Winn ROTC Sweetheart – Alexis Keith Band Sweetheart – Sha’Crystal Haskett Football Sweetheart – Alicia Lewis 12th grade Maids are LaQuiriya Allen, Mya Bradley, Alivia Demery, Lykyria Horton, Demetria Newton, and Victoria Rivers. The Queen will be one of the Maids, however her identity will not be revealed until the halftime ceremonies. The 2018 Homecoming King is Jack Swift.

Riverdale’s opponent for October 12th will be Tallulah Academy. Red River’s opponent will be Lakeview.

Senator Kennedy Wants Congress to Act on Flood Insurance


Louisiana Senator John Kennedy asked Congress to finally get down to the business of creating a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that middle class families can afford. Sen. Kennedy previously introduced comprehensive, bipartisan legislation to reform the NFIP.

Affordable Flood Insurance: “Weathering a hurricane is difficult enough without the added burden of trying to do it without insurance. And a National Flood Insurance Program isn’t doing its job if it’s so expensive people can’t afford to buy it. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what has happened in North and South Carolina.”

What Gives?: “Why don’t people have flood insurance? Because the costs are out of control and middle class families have little choice but to just roll the dice. Because Congress keeps playing games and people don’t have faith that the NFIP will be around to pay off. Because one or two members of Congress want to get a soundbite more than they want to help ordinary Americans protect their property. And if those members want to reform the program because they want to save the government money, they’re going about it the wrong way.”

What It’s All About: “Recovering from a natural disaster is about more than putting up drywall: It’s about our communities coming back safer, stronger and better prepared. The NFIP is an indispensable part of that effort to rebuild. But a flood insurance program isn’t useful if it’s too complicated to understand, or if it allows bad actors to take from hardworking families. We need rules that make sense, government websites that a normal person can navigate, quicker decisions by bureaucrats and a faster process to get disaster dollars to the folks who need them. Most importantly, though, people need to be able to afford buy a policy in the first place.”

The Fair is Family Entertainment!

RRPJ-Fair TOP-18Sep26

Bring the whole family, the Red River Parish Fair and Rodeo is great entertainment for everyone. Ride the Rides, check out the exhibits, enjoy the parade and a great local band, and laugh at the rodeo clowns.

On Thursday the Fair Parade rolls through the streets of Coushatta. It will feature many floats from schools, groups and businesses in our area. Form up begins at the fairgrounds. The parade rolls out at 5:00. Get a good spot along the route and be sure to shout “throw me something mister!”

Thrown Together is a local band that has been wowing audiences in the parish. They will make a special appearance at the fair on Friday evening from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

The Johnson Brothers Midway has rides for the whole family. The midway opens at 6:00 pm on Tuesday October 2nd. It will be open every night through Saturday. There is a midway special with $1.00 rides from 3:00 to 6:00 pm on Friday night. Armband nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

This years exhibits include livestock, horses, chicken, and rabbits. Livestock check-in is Tuesday beginning at 8:00 am. That is also the day for moving in exhibit booths. Thursday night there will be the Horse Show. Registration is at 4:00 and the show begins at 6:30.

Friday and Saturday nights are rodeo nights. Both nights there will be LRCA, UPRA, TSRA Rodeo produced by J2 Rodeo Company.

Next week is fair week! Get your armbands now and come prepared to have a great time.

Fields Awarded Service Pin


RRPJ-Fields Awarded Service Pen-18Sep26

A commemorative pen was presented to a member of VFW Post 7287 for his service to the organization. David Fields served this past year as the Commander of VFW District 12 (northwest Louisiana). His pen was presented by the 2018-19 District Commander Joe Smith.

Last Saturday Fields was presented with a one year gold pen with diamond during the VFW District 12 meeting held in Shreveport. Fields was Commander of the district for the 2017-18 year.

Currently Fields is a member of the Coushatta post and holds the position of Post Adjutant. Fields is on active duty with the Louisiana National Guard and is stationed at the armory in Coushatta.

Gather ‘Round the Pole

RRPJ-See You at Pole-18Sep26

Today is the National Day Student Prayer. Observances are being held here in Red River Parish as around the United States. Students will gather this morning for a prayer service.

At Red River High School students will gather around the flagpole in front of the high school building before classes. At Riverdale Academy students will assemble in the gymnasium for their program.

This day has been observed by local schools for the past several years. Recalling last year there was a great turnout at both schools.

ETC… for September 26th


Ginger Craig asked the Journal to pass along the word on their RRHS Softball/Golf fundraiser coming up.

We are selling Down Home Sausage Dog lunch plates for delivery or pick up Tuesday, October 2nd at the Fairgrounds Food Booth from 10:30-12:45….plate includes Grilled Down Home Sausage Dog with onions and bell peppers, chips, and a dessert for $10 per plate…the softball/golf team members are taking pre-orders thru Thursday, Sept 27th. Folks can purchase a ticket from any team member or Coach Thrasher or Coach Craig…plates may also be purchased at Fairgrounds Oct. 2nd from 10:30-12:45.

Any and all donations will be appreciated as well.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. On Friday, October 5th there will be an information session combined with some health screenings. It is being hosted by the Red River Parish Health Unit with assistance from the MLK Health Center’s H.E.A.R.T. program.

The deer rifle raffle at Red River Industries ends soon. Tickets are $5. For more information call 318-932-6520.

Red River High’s football team is at home Friday night. The Bulldogs host Richwood. Riverdale’s Rebels are on the road, traveling to Franklin Academy at Winnsboro. Both games may be heard on The Journal’s website or social media pages. Air time is 6:45 and kickoff at 7:00 for both teams.

Gifts for Elementary Students

RRPJ-Kids Gifts-18Sep21

More rewards for students who do outstanding work. The PAW Parents at the elementary school posted recently, “We presented these awesome kiddos their paw pack gifts today. The kids were all nominated by their teachers. A boy and a girl from each grade were chosen. Congrats to the lucky winners for the month of September! We will be doing this every month!”

The elementary school PAW Parents group is very active doing things that benefit the children who attend. They also do many things for the teachers and staff. Other schools have similar support groups. The Journal would like to hear from all of them. We’ll publicize the positive things that are happening in our schools.

Construction Begins on New Ball Fields

RRPJ-Ballfield TOP-18Sep21If you noticed the large plume of smoke rising from south of the town on Thursday morning it was a sign of progress. Construction workers this week began work on two new ball fields.

The smoke came from burning the trees that are being cleared from property the school system recently acquired. Workers fired up the heavy equipment and lit the piles about 6:00 am Thursday.

Just to the south of the stadium construction has begun on the baseball field. So far they’ve removed the topsoil between the stadium fence and the bus barn.

This is all part of the new sport complex to be built around the current football field. At present engineers and architects are putting the finishing touches on the layout of the complex. Superintendent Alison Hughes announced at the September school board meeting that the finalized design will soon be made public.

RRPJ-Ballfield BOTTOM-18Sep21

Breast Cancer Awareness Scheduled

RRPJ-Breast Cancer Awareness-18Sep21 2

Mark October 5th on your calendar. It’s time for Posh, Pink & Pedicures at the Health Unit. This breast cancer awareness event is sponsored by the MLK Health Center and Pharmacy’s HEART Program.

The Red River Parish Health Unit conducts the program each year during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It will be held from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on Friday, October 5th. This year the MLK Health H.E.A.R.T. team has teamed up with the Red River Parish Public Health Unit for a women’s health event honoring National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The H.E.A.R.T. team will provide free screenings for blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Join Red River Parish P.H.U. and H.E.A.R.T. for an afternoon of education and awareness on women’s health. Free food and door prizes will be available. Free pink pedicures will be available too!

The Martin Luther King Health Center is a private, non-profit health care center and pharmacy serving the residents of Northwest Louisiana. The MLK Health Center was founded in 1986 and is the oldest free clinic and pharmacy in Louisiana.

H.E.A.R.T. stands for Health Education Awareness Response Team. They have been providing health screenings and nutritional information to residents of Red River Parish for the past year. Get more information by calling the MLK Health Center at 318-227-2912.

Junior High Hunter Safety

RRPJ-Jr High Hunter Safety-18Sep21-2 2

Recently Hunter Safety training was offered to students at Red River Junior High. The Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office posted Deputy Roger Longino and Detective Johnny Tingle conducted a field day training at the RRPSO Firing Range. The students had completed a hunter safety course at Red River Junior High sponsored by Social Studies teacher William Worsham and the Sheriff’s Office.

Also this week there was a hunter safety course for the general public sponsored by the Sheriff’s Office. The course is required for all hunters in the state.

It’s Time For the Fair!

Red River Parish Fair & Rodeo Logo.jpgGet ready! The Red River Parish Fair and Rodeo are just days away. Get your ride armbands and prepare your livestock and other entries. The complete fair schedule is at the bottom of this article.

Some of the highlights will be the Johnson Brothers Midway with rides for the whole family. The midway opens at 6:00 pm on Tuesday October 2nd. It will be open every night through Saturday. There is a midway special with $1.00 rides from 3:00 to 6:00 pm on Friday night. Armband nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

This years exhibits include livestock, horses, chicken, and rabbits. Livestock check-in is Tuesday beginning at 8:00 am. That is also the day for moving in exhibit booths. Thursday night there will be the Horse Show. Registration is at 4:00 and the show begins at 6:30.

Friday and Saturday nights are rodeo nights. Both nights there will be LRCA, UPRA, TSRA Rodeo produced by J2 Rodeo Company.

The Fair Parade will be held Thursday afternoon, October 4th. Parade floats line up at 3:00 pm. The parade begins at 5:00 pm.

So get ready, the fair is almost here. The fun starts October 2nd and runs through October 6th at the Parish Fairgrounds on Highway 71.

2018 Fair Schedule new