Play It Safe – Don’t Drown

The local health unit and the state health department are teaming up to inform the public of the importance of safe swimming this summer.  The emphasis is on safety first, and no accidents later.

Yashica Turner has posted safe swimming tips and other information at the Red River Parish Health Unit on Red Oak Road.  And the Assistant State Health Officer, Dr. Joseph Kanter is circulating information on the possible dangers while swimming.

Dr Kanter said, “Whether it is jumping in a pool, or perhaps swimming or boating in a natural waterway, it is important to always keep in mind water safety, especially when it comes to children.”  Kanter stressed the importance of safety “as Louisiana has the highest drowning rate for children 1 to 14 years old in the United States.  Further, drowning remains the second leading cause of death for Louisiana children in this age group.”

A couple of the basic safety precautions are to assure that there is a lifeguard on duty whenever your children go in the water, using life jackets and other safety equipment properly, get your children swimming lessons, and take a CPR training course.

For more information drop by the parish health unit or go online to the Consumer Product Safety Commission or the Children’s Safety Network.  The state health department’s website is

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