Shooting Sports Update

Here is a summary of 4-H shooting sports activities this year. Penny Dupree told the Journal, “We have Regional competitions coming up in two weeks.”

Nathan Tristan and Brianna Friday participated in a shooting tournament hosted by Grant Parish 4-H Shooting Sports at Camp Grant Walker in Pollock, Feb 17th. Nathan placed 2nd in Open Sights and 3rd in Telescopic. Brianna placed 6th in telescopic and shot her best score to date.

 Kaden Cason (Red River) and Kade Childress (Caddo) both shot 50/50 in the Senior Division of Modified Trap. The two advanced to a shoot-off consisting of a true pair. Four rounds later Kaden was declared the winner. Kaden’s final score was 58/58 and Kade’s 56/58. Brett Danzy, Jr. (Red River) had 3rd place with a score of 49/50 and 49 being his longest string breaking the tie with Caleb Brossette (DeSoto) also shooting 49/50 with 47 being his longest string.

 .22 Rifle Participants: Front row: Jordan Friday, Ben Moseley, Hayden Cason 2nd Row: Brianna Friday and Nathan Tristan. Nathan Tristan placed 5th in the Senior Optical Division. Ben Moseley placed 6th in the Junior Open Sights Division.

Jordan Friday placed 7th in the Junior Optical Division

The Red River Parish 4-H Shooting teams traveled to Mooringsport to compete in the 4th Annual Caddo Classic Shootout February 16th & 17th. All participants displayed excellent marksmanship and showed great sportsmanship despite the cold and drizzling weather conditions. We are proud to announce they came home with several medals and trophies!

The Traditional Shooting of the Cap. Anytime a Shooter hits 25/25 targets, the shooting team participates in shooting his cap. Kaden Cason shot 58/58 at the Caddo Shootout on Feb 17th. He proudly displays his cap shot by him and his 4-H shooting team.

Thanks to Penny Dupree for the photos and details.

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