New Home For Sewing God’s Love

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The move is complete. Sewing God’s Love has a new home on Fair Street. Their prior location on Alonzo Street was in need of a new roof and major repairs.

A few weeks ago the house on Fair Street became available. With the help of volunteers the place was cleaned up, fixed up, and the sewing group’s furniture was moved across town.

The Journal stopped by during their regular weekly session on Monday. The coffee pot was on and there was a plate of delicious fresh baked teacakes. More important was the work going on in the back. Susan Taylor and Francis Baker were selecting fabric and cutting out squares to be turned into the group’s latest project.

Taylor said, “We’re working on red, white and blue Afghans for Veterans Day (in November). They will be given to several local churches to present to veterans.” Other projects underway “fidget quilts” for Alzheimer’s patients. They sew chemo caps and wheelchair pocket pouches for people needing them.

Next month members of Sewing God’s Love will do arts and crafts at Green Meadow Haven as part of Vacation Bible School at the Nursing Home. C’ann Norman said, The residents enjoy working with their hands and making something.

Susan Taylor and several ladies from First Methodist, First Baptist and Wesley Chapel churches organized sewing God’s Love several years ago. Taylor said, “Some people say I can’t do anything, but if you can tie your shoes, you can! Tying a knot in thread is a skill we need. Come join us and we’ll show you.”

Sewing God’s Love meets at 9:30 am each Monday at their new home, 720 Fair Street.


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