Senior Play is a Laugh a Minute

RRPJ-RA Sr Play TOP-18May9

Riverdale Academy’s Senior Class staged Todd Wallinger’s Million Dollar Meatballs on Monday. The program terms it “a comedy of epicurean proportions!” Great description.

The production had a police chase of jewel thieves, a restaurant searching for great reviews, bumbling waiters and hostess, and diamonds hidden in plain sight. That is just in the first act!

The scene is a tiny restaurant with big aspirations. The owner wants to impress a very tough food critic who is coming to dinner. Unfortunately the chef quit suddenly. The plot takes a turn as two diamond thieves who are running from the cops try to hide in the kitchen. The owner of the restaurant mistakes them for the chef she hired sight unseen on the phone.

With characters named Olive Pitt, Ginger Snap, and Boris Stroganoff there have to be laughs enough to go around. The seniors did a great job of getting into character and carrying off this farcical misadventure.

Cast members were Gracie Almond, Jake LeGrande, Madison Aleander, Ryan Tomerlin, Madelynne Greer, Mikey Jones, Reagan Prosperie, Payton Thornton, Kamden Messick, Josey Cobb, Brandon Gay, and Nicole Williams. Jered Cook was the stagehand and handled the lighting.



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