Red River vs Calvary

Wednesday night the Red River Bulldogs took on Calvary at the Dawg Pound.  The game featured the most exciting six minutes Red River has played all season; however Calvary took over in the second half leading the Dawgs demise 57 to 52.

Red River started off as slow as grandma’s molasses on a cold winter morning.  The first quarter was slow and sloppy.  Then two minutes into the second period the Bulldogs came to life.

It was exciting for the hometown fans.  D’evan McDonald lit the spark with a three-point shot and followed by another and then some more scoring from the free-throw line.  Other players came to live.  They were all over the ball, great passing and rebounding.  Red River was unstoppable.  About all Calvary players could do was react and react too late to stop the scoring by Red River.

Half time saw the Dawgs leading 32 to 24.  It was exciting.  The fans were into it.  But the momentum was not to continue.

Although the Bulldogs scored the first basket in the second half, Calvary came back and took control.  Red River fell into play that was a little sloppy.  The momentum shifted to the visiting team and the Bulldogs were unable to get control. Calvary lead by one, 40 to 39 as the third quarter ended.

Calvary’s charge continued into the final 8:00.  A Red River pass was intercepted for a score.  Free throws would not fall.  Calvary’s attach was stronger than Red River’s defense and when the clock ran out, Red River came up short.  Final score Calvary 57 and the Bulldogs 52.

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