Medicare/Health Plan Scams

Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office issued this caution to residents, “Scammers are constantly trying to take advantage of unsuspecting people, especially the elderly. Be prepared and do not be their next victim.

Medicare scammers have recently been reported to be active in the area including Red River Parish. If you receive a phone call and a person claiming to be affiliated with Medicare is threatening to cancel your coverage, offers you free medicine/medical equipment, wants to provide you a new Medicare card or benefits, etc. and asks for your bank account or personal information, it’s a scam.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers the following advice in this situation: hang up, never give personal information to a caller claiming to be affiliated with Medicare and report the call at 1-800-MEDICARE and

Much more detailed information from the FTC concerning Medicare, Medical Discount Plans and Health Insurance scams is provided in the attached link. Please take time to read it.

As a general reminder, when dealing with any scam, the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office recommends the following:

  • Do not trust your caller ID. The name that shows on the ID may not actually be the person who is calling.
  • Do not provide personal information such as social security numbers and banking information over the phone or internet. Talk to someone you trust before acting.
  • Do your homework. Research things on-line or using other credible resources before you act.
  • Do not agree to and/or send monetary payments until the source is verified.
  • Hang up on robocalls. Don’t press 1 to speak to a person or to be removed from the call list. This could lead to more calls.
  • Be skeptical about free trail offers.
  • Sign up for scam alerts on the FTC’s website.

If you have been victimized by a scammer, you may contact the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318) 932-4221 or your local law enforcement agency if you live outside of our jurisdiction.

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