Fire Board Adjusts Insurance Coverage

The Fire Department  Board has voted to keep most insurance coverage in place, however several adjustments were made to the police that will return about $5,000 in premiums.  The board had voted at the beginning of the year to renew all insurance coverage.  This was due to a short time frame for renewal to keep coverage in effect.

The agent from VFIS, Special Risk Insurance was at the meeting to explain in detail the coverage now in effect and discuss possible adjustments to save Premium money.  At the March board meeting it was discussed insurance coverage they were still paying for on property that had been sold or items that were no longer in service.

At the April meeting last Monday, Agent Keith Davidson discussed coverages and adjustments.  He said, “You will get money back form the deletion of buildings not owned and not used anymore.”  The total amount, after adjustments in coverage is made, would be about $5,000.

Highlights of the changes include dropping insurance coverage on the old fire station property in downtown Coushatta.  That was sold to the Sheriff’s Department several years ago but had remained on the Fire Department’s insurance policy.  Another change involved increasing the value of fire vehicles.  Davidson told the board that the value needed to be increased to the replacement cost, if damaged or destroyed.

The radio repeater station has been moved from property the fire department leased to the new fire station, however the insurance coverage was on the old location.  Davidson recommended those changes.  Liability insurance will be continued on the old tower site.  That is a requirement of the site lease.

A change the board made on the insurance policies was an increase in the deductible amount from $500 to $2500 in the event of a claim.  That was projected to save the department about $3,400 per year.  The board voted to keep the updated insurance in force for the Fire Department.