Ice Bucket Delivered

Buckets of ice water were delivered Thursday at Red River High.  Recipients were the commander of JROTC and a representative of Lifeshare.

The goal of blood donations was exceeded at the recent blood drive at the high school.  Lifeshare’s Philip Maxfield told the crowd on Thursday, We had a goal of collecting 25 units of blood.  The final total was 30 units donated.  So today we get wet!”

Col Mark Duffield said, “You notice that the principal JC Dickey is not here.  He had said he would take the cold ice bath if the drive broke the school record.  That is 33 units, so we came up 4 units short of having Mr. Dickey here.”

The Ice Challenge had been issued prior to the blood drive.  Maxfield coordinates blood drives in Red River and surrounding parishes.  The supply of blood for hospitals is very low at present, therefore the drives are set up to help meet the need for whole blood and blood products.

Students who had donated during the blood drive had the honor of dousing Col. Mark Duffield and Philip Maxfield.  It was done during the lunch break so many students and some faculty members were on hand to witness the event.