Red River Baseball Coach Profile

Red River’s Baseball and Softball teams are having tremendous seasons.  They dominated their recent tournaments.  And they are enjoying great success at home and away.

Baseball is coached by Chris Reed.  He was interviewed by Hayley Loe for The Journal.

I’m from Ringgold, La graduated Ringgold High School 2001. Went on to Graduate from Louisiana State University Shreveport.  I coached my first two years as an assistant coach at Ringgold High then was asked to be an assistant at Sarepta High where I was part of two district championships and two twenty win teams.  My 5th year I stepped down and coached junior high baseball for 4 years, where I learned a lot about player development.  Player development has been the foundation of the success I’ve had in coaching so it turned out to be a really good move for me.  I was then called by Union Parish to coach baseball.  I was a little nervous to accept the job but I made a really good decision to accept the offer.  The job made me a more well-rounded coach and I was able to be mentored under Joe Spatafora who taught me a lot about team discipline and dedication.  

Every good/great coach has to have a mentor and that holds true for any occupation.  I spent 1 year at Union but we won 20 games and were district champs.  I was also named district 2-3A Co-coach of the year.  That Summer I was contacted by Summerfield High to come coach baseball.  Summerfield had tradition 2 decades before I got there.  It was said that the talent was gone and you can’t win there.  Well 3 straight district championships, 2 trips to the semifinals, and 1 finals appearance said otherwise.  In those 3 years I was named District Coach of the year 2017,2018, and 2019. 

I was also named Louisiana Baseball Coaches Association Coach of the Year 2019.  Also in that 3 year span 8 players were named to the All-State Team.  I really had no intentions of ever leaving but after the season someone told me about the Red River job.  I really didn’t think much of it until I read a forum shortly after the job opened up.  The forum was about how the baseball team would never win and that the new facilities would be a waste of money.  I love a challenge so challenges are accepted.  I interviewed and through a tough process I got the job.  A year into the job, it has been a process.  Turning things around is not easy but it’s the job I want to prove can be done.  We finished the season last year 5-3 before Covid which set our team progress back.  We have made many gains since returning back to baseball. 

We are currently 16-2 and ranked 9th in the Power Rating.  We are on pace to host a home playoff game and win 20 plus games this season.  We are playing high school summer baseball starting last week of May through the month of June.  My plans for the future is to keep building this baseball program from the ground up.  This is a great community and school. I enjoy it here.  The only thing I ask from the community is for a little league baseball program to be set up.  I know parents want to help and that’s the best way to help this program.  That will be the key in taking Red River Baseball to the next level.