Red River Softball Coach Profile

Red River’s Baseball and Softball teams are having tremendous seasons.  They dominated their recent tournaments.  And they are enjoying great success at home and away.

Softball is coached by Zach Thrasher.  He was interviewed by Hayley Loe for The Journal.

I’m from Saline, Louisiana. I graduated from Saline High School and Northwestern State University. I student taught at Red River Elementary and eventually got hired on at RRES after I graduated.

I got into coaching my first year in Red River Parish when the junior high baseball program needed a baseball coach. I coached that for 2 years and eventually took over softball and have been coaching it for 8 years. 

My future plans for the softball team is to keep building on what we have. We have gradually grown as a softball program going from just having one win my first year to now consistently winning 15 to 20 games each year. The next step in our growth will be to build up our junior high softball team now that we have access to so much more with our amazing softball facilities and I also want to continue introducing the game of softball to our younger students at RRES.