Tear Down to Build Up

The sanctuary building at Fairview Baptist Church came down Wednesday in a heap of rubble.  The site is now being cleared prior to building a new sanctuary.  Pastor Matt Endris told The Journal the work is scheduled to be completed by next January.

Endris explained the background of the building project.  Several years ago the church formed a committee to examine the potential growth and future needs of our congregation. This Vision Committee made a careful and thorough study of the facilities. They considered the priorities the church had to provide for growth in the future and determined that a plan for renovation and addition was necessary.

Through a long process, working with architects, engineers, and a construction company we arrived at the current plan for a new facility that meets the needs and priorities for the church and community. The top two priorities the church has are increased worship space and an improved and secure children’s area. A few other needs were increased fellowship space and rooms for bible study. To accomplish these purposes it was necessary to remove some of the facility and build back with a new structure.

Endris said, “We are working with two companies who are employing many local subcontractors. Our Architect is BGW (Building God’s Way). Our General Contractor is S&B Construction.”

“We currently are holding worship services each Sunday morning at 9:30am in our Youth Building (metal building at the back of our parking lot)” said Endris. He said they are also utilizing our Educational Building/Gym for Bible study, KidsLife, fellowship, other children’s/youth activities, etc.

We welcome anyone and everyone to worship Christ with us at Fairview Baptist Church. We do offer online worship services on our facebook page, our YouTube channel, our church app (available for free download) or our website (www.myfairviewbaptist.org).

Fairview Baptist Church is located on US 71/84 in south Red River Parish just before entering Natchitoches Parish.