Clyde’s Retirement Party

At the beginning of January, Clyde Miley preached his last sermon as Pastor of Red River Cowboy Church.  A search committee is currently receiving applications for a new Pastor.

At the beginning of February the church threw a large Retirement Party for Bro. Clyde.  Friends and family gathered, enjoyed a huge fried catfish meal, and reminisced about the years Miley spent building Cowboy Church.

A pastor who has known Miley since the early 1970s was the first speaker.  Bro. Buddy Johnson said to be a good preacher “you must be a man of God, have an adventurous spirit, and be totally crazy.”  He backed it up with a tale of Miley bringing a truck and a buddy from Texas to Mexico to help Johnson move back to the states.  “We loaded and unloaded at it must have been a dozen stops,” added Johnson, “And Clyde did this for me!”

Don Cummings was a founder of Cowboy Church.  He recalled, “I’ve seen Bro. Clyde’s vision come to pass.  It blows my mind.  I am glad you asked me to be a part of it.”  The church was started on Cummings front porch.

And Todd Mitchell of the American Association of Cowboy Churches was there to wish Miley well in retirement. Mitchell recalled a conversation, “Clyde was wondering what it would be like at his funeral.  He asked if I thought anybody would show up.”  Mitchell told Miley “I am honored to be a friend and co-worker.”

Then it was Clyde Miley’s turn to comment.  Miley said, “I know how an old horse feels when he is turned out to pasture.  I’ve been turned out.  I’m mad!”  Miley continued, “If it hadn’t been for God getting my attention a couple of years ago (reference to Miley’s stroke), as He told me later, the people in your church and family are smart enough to take care of what I already have control over.”  Then Miley said all of the people who have come to Cowboy Church have been a blessing.

The celebration featured a fried catfish lunch with fries, cole slaw and all the trimings.  Then there was a huge assortment of pies, cakes and deserts. Some of the pictures captured friends who helped out at the fish cooker.  And Gator was caught by surprise stirring the fries.

The men of the church hand crafter a massive conference table out of cedar.  It was presented to Clyde.  He will need some help moving it out of the building.  In addition his friends gathered pictures and mementos to present to the Mileys.

After the retirement party, Bro. Miley posted on social media, “Since Saturday, when my family gave me a retirement party, as pastor of RED RIVER COWBOY CHURCH, I am still in Awe!!  To all of you who have wished me a happy Retirement, ‘’THANK YOU, ’and GOD BLESS EACH ONE.

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