A/C Repairs in Winter

You may recall the old story about the leaky roof.  The home owner did not want to fix it in good weather and he couldn’t fix it when it was raining.  So why would anyone want to fix an air conditioning system in the winter?  Because in Louisiana it never stays cold for that long a time.

The Members of Magnolia Baptist Church are faced with a no longer functioning air conditioning system in their Sunday School classrooms.  So they decided to pitch in and raise the money during winter to get it fixed by spring.

On Friday, the church held a pulled pork sandwich luncheon to raise the money.  The Journal spoke with member Barbara Nichols.  She was overjoyed with the results, “I want to thank the people of the parish so much.  They pulled together, helped with our fundraiser, and it has been a blessing to all of us.”

Nichols is speaking of the turnout.  Before the lunch hour they had already filled approximately 300 pre-orders.  The Pastor’s wife, Tammy Cloud cooked homemade pulled pork and heaped it high on the bun.  Bro. Wylann Cloud got some men of the church to load the lunches into vehicles and deliver them.

Each lunch was packed with love, and a homemade cookie.  Julie Long baked hundreds of cookies, some butter cream and some chocolate chip, and saw to it that one was included with each meal.

The weather has been chilly and damp this week.  And the folks of Magnolia Baptist Church worked to make sure they would be cool and comfortable to study and worship next summer.

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