Red River High Class Salute

The High School recently made a series of posts describing various new class offerings.  One saluted a new member of the faculty.

Meet Mr. Marco Reyes.  He is new to Red River High this year and is a huge asset.  Reyes teaches Math Essentials, Financial Literacy, Business Math, and Algebra 1.  This week Mr. Reyes lead our PLC (professional learning community) teaching us some of the things he has been learning in the State Math Content Leader Training.  Great job today Mr. Reyes keep up the good work.

Another post by the school dealt with AP Biology, “Meet Ms. Vance and her AP Biology class, both new to Red River High this year.  

Anyone ready for a McDonald’s Happy Meal! (cheeseburger, French fries, Sprite, and water)?  AP Biology pureed the happy meal and then tested it for proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.

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