From Porch to Worship Center to Greener Pastures

Brother Clyde Miley said goodbye Sunday to the church family he loves.  Miley preached his last sermon as Pastor of Red River Cowboy Church to a packed house.  There was music and praise, prayers and preaching, lots of hugs and tears of joy and sorrow from the faithful.

And from their outgoing Pastor, some words of wisdom from scripture about their search for a new shepherd to guide the flock.

But let’s go back in time a dozen years ago to Don Cummings front porch.  Mary James with parish EMS was there.  She recalled, “I was at that first service when Bro. Clyde brought the first bunch of us together.”

Also at the first service was David Levy.  “We had eight people and five dogs on that front porch,” recalled Levy.  Levy said, “We moved to a parcel of land on Highway 1 just north of their present location.  Then we acquired the five acres where the church is today.”

First there was a tent.  A big white tent was erected in the corner of the lot on La 1 and La 174 at Lake End.  It was two years later that the church building was built and they moved into the sanctuary portion of their current building.  The arena, classroom wing and other improvements were made in the last ten years.

Clyde Miley was there before the first service on the front porch.  Miley recalled for Sundays crowd the planning that went into the first gathering.  And he has fond memories of each day since.  “Don Cumming was the first member of Cowboy Church.  And he’s right here today,” said Miley.

Just before his last service as Cowboy Church Pastor, Miley posted to social media, “Today is a Bitter-Sweet Day, After about 12 years as Pastor of Red River Cowboy Church I am Retiring as Pastor.  It has been a Great Ride. Been Buck off a few times, but got backed on.  See when you ride for God, you will have Bitter-Sweet Days!!”

In his final sermon, Bro. Miley proclaimed, “I am very honored.  I don’t deserve it.  Don’t deserve nothing.  I probably should have been dead because of my stupidity, but God has done so much for me and I am still going.”

“I remember God, Don (Cummings) and myself talking,” said Miley, “And I asked Don ‘When do we start?’  And Don said Sunday.  So we did (hold the first service on his front porch).”

Miley’s message was from Hebrews 6:10 and the book of Titus.  He recalled the description in scripture of the qualities of a Pastor.  Miley said, “This is the person I have tried to be, and it is the type person each of you should be, and the type person to fill the position of Pastor at Red River Cowboy Church.”

Then Miley asked the gathering, “How we gonna find him?  Not us but God will.  We have to have an open mind to recognize him when God brings him to us.”

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