Behind the Post Office

People are talking about what is going on behind the Coushatta Post Office.  There seems to be land work.  Dirt is being brought in.  The rumor mill is running at lightning speed.  It seems a favorite old tale is being brought to the surface once again on social media.

The buzz is about a Wal Mart coming to Coushatta.  It is just a rumor fueled by some indication on a map or some site somewhere years ago. People are reacting with great joy about the news.  This is at least the third time in recent memory (the past year) that this story has surfaced.

So to find out the truth The Journal asked the landowner “What’s Up?”

Brian Bolyer told us they are doing some dirt work there.  He said, “We are building it up because of some low places.”  So we asked Bolyer, “What about all the talk that a Wal Mart is coming?”  “Yeah, I wish,” he said.  Bolyer added the parcel of land is for sale, but he has not sold it to those folks, or anyone else as of yesterday.

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