New School Site Approved By School Board

Red River is getting a new school designed to aid fifth graders who are not making the grade. The Red River Parish School Board last Monday evening approved the proposal to establish Red River Academic Academy.

Superintendent Alison Hughes said it will be one of ten sites across the state recognized as being a pioneering district.  Karen Squires told the board it is for fifth graders who are not proficient on fifth grade LEAP exams and need intensive academic interventions in English Language Arts and Math.  Students in the new Academy would not have qualified to be promoted to sixth grade.

Squires said, “We are not looking at a behavioral program.  Red River is looking only at the academic.”  Squires said it will be a year around school with students starting the program in August when all other students report.  Squires said, “They will follow the same calendar through May, then come back for June and July.”

Applications are now being accepted for the nineteen spots that will be available.  Squires said, “Parents will be a huge part of this school.” She stressed what would be expected of parents to support their children in this program.  The application has a pledge by the parent to attend quarterly progress meetings, to attend behavioral conferences, and to keep the school informed of changes in address and cell phone numbers.  Both parents are required to sign the application and go by these requirements.

The new Red River Academic Academy will eventually be housed in the new addition to Red River Junior High. Construction and site preparation began in recent days, so until the new facility is available the Academy will meet at Springville Education Center.  The Superintendent announced that current Springville Principal Jaqueline Daniels will serve as principal.  One certified teacher, one counselor, and other support personnel will be assigned to the school.

Squires and Hughes indicated to the board that the program would be demanding on students and parents.  However those who achieve could be promoted to seventh grade at the Junior High at the end of the year.  Full details are provided in the application packet. Call the School Board office for more details.

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