Council on Aging Holds Annual Membership Meeting

The annual membership meeting was held by the Red River Council on Aging this past Tuesday afternoon.  There was a report on activities over the past year, and President Jessie Davis reported that the council’s income would probably increase next year due to increased economic activity.  And a new Board of Directors and officers were elected for the coming year.

Executive Director Liz Cannon gave a report on the programs and accomplishments during the 2018-19 year.  She noted that most programs expanded to serve more people in the parish.  For example, Cannon said, “The Community Health Fair” held this spring was the largest ever.  Over 100 people participated and got information from a record 26 vendors.”

The current Fan Drive for seniors is continuing.  Cannon said they have given out 90 fans so far.  “A donation from Vine Oil and Gas of $2,500 provided for fans and supplies for the council.”  In addition the council got some fans from Cleco and private donations.

The Food For Seniors program has 324 participants.  They receive 80 pounds of food each six times per calendar year.  There was a distribution on July 8th and the next distribution will be on September 9th.

Board President Jessie Davis reported that the council’s funds from the millage property tax will probably increase due to the increase in natural gas activity in Red River Parish.  Davis said, “There will be some new money so millage will go up a bunch.  Part of this is due to a new plant under construction on Highway 509 near the intersection of Highway 1.  As a result, Davis said, “It will mean more jobs.  It will also mean more trucks operating in the parish.”

New Officers were elected, or re-elected, for the next fiscal year.  And two new members were added to the Board of Directors.  Here is the new lineup:

Jessie Davis – President

Celia Ann Norman – Vice President

Mary Jones – Treasurer (New Member)

Barbara Brister – Secretary

Board Members Trey Lewis, Kathrine Smith, Mary Harper, Francis Baker, John Brewer (New Member), Wiley Garrett, James Brown, and Mearl Tidwell.

Liz Cannon thanked Peter Drake and Dianne Slatten for their service to the Council on Aging.  They left the board at the conclusion of their terms.

For information on any of the services offered by the Red River Council on Aging, call 932-5721.  Office hours are until 2:00 pm weekdays.

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