Canterbury Announces Run for Assessor

It is with great privilege and honor that I am announcing my candidacy for the open position of Red River Parish Tax Assessor in the October 2019 election. 

As a lifetime resident, graduate of Red River School system, and trailblazer for our youth, I have made this decision to take a stand and be the change that our parish deserve. I seen the growth and heard the opinion of the people and now is the time for the citizen voices to be heard. 

For those things to transpire, it is imperative that the Assessor’s office maintain a fair and accurate tax roll. As a public servant, I believe the citizens have the right to full access of the office and this is why my top priorities will be to ensure an open-door policy, as well as, maintain the goal of always seeking new and innovative way to promote tax collection percentages through out the years. 

If elected, I vow to educate taxpayers and advocate for residents by explaining the assessing process. I vow to ensure the agency’s software and technology is up-to-date, the data is always secure, and the office is able to serve the public. I will ensure employees are educated on all functions and current regulations of the assessor’s office.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate Becky Craig, on her outstanding years of devotion to publicly serving the citizens of Red River Parish and I wish her a wonderful retirement. While I understand that her role was impeccable, I ensure you I am able to fulfill the duties with my education and banking experience where I currently assist with CSR, auditing, and loan processing. 

While my plan is to speak with each citizen of Red River Parish, I understand that I may fall short of that goal, that is why I am humbly asking for your vote, your support, and your prayers.


Tenisha “Bay Bay” Canterbury 

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