School System Honors Retirees

RRPJ-School System Honors Retirees-18Aug15

Nine teachers and school system employees were honored Monday night by the Red River Parish School Board. The had retired since the end of the last school year.

Three of the recently retired teachers were in attendance to receive their plaques recognizing their service. Virginia Calhoun spoke first. She spent 20 years doing what she always wanted to do. Calhoun said, “I always wanted to be a teacher. I loved it. I loved the children.” Her comments brought joyous laughter when Calhoun remarked, “I loved every kid except possibly one or two.” She recalled the years when her students would flock to her home after school to spend time with her.

Next up was Marilyn Moore. She served 25 years and remarked, “I am grateful! I enjoyed all those years. I have so many children, and they’re my children, and that’s the way I treated them.” She added, “You have to give it all you got!”

The third retired present was Evelyn Longino who served 27 years. Longino told the school board, “I appreciate the years at Red River. When you see your students grow up and they become good citizens it makes me feel so good.” Longino added, “I appreciate seeing so many former students being recognized here as teachers.”

Here is the full list of the retirees and their years of service:
Aulsie Yates – 30 years
Vickey Longino – 18 years
Shirley Longino – 31 years
Lula Harris – 22 years
Michael Simpson – 29 years
Virginia Calhoun – 20 years
Marilyn Moore – 25 years
Evelyn Longino – 27 years
Karen Moseley – 29 years

Board member Gene Longino served as President of the Board Monday. Richard Cannon was out ill. Longino thanked the retirees on behalf of the board. He said, “To the retirees we appreciate all you did for all those years. We know education is about a group of kids and a teacher and what they can accomplish in a year’s time.” Longino thanked them for their service to the children of Red River Parish.

Pictured with this article are Virginia Calhoun, Marilyn Moore and Evelyn Longino.

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