Over $50,000 in Incentives Earned by Teachers

RRPJ-Teacher Incentives-18Aug15
The Red River Parish School Board paid out sizeable incentive checks to teachers who have excelled during the past year. The incentives are provided by a federal grant the school system obtained to recognize and reward high student growth.

Superintendent Alison Hughes said, “Our teachers did phenomenal work last year. These teachers’ results were fantastic. She said, “When we walked in and presented the checks to the teachers some of their eyes got really big and they were surprised at the amount.” Hughes added, “We presented some of the teachers with really nice checks.”

Hughes announced these incentive awards for teachers with the highest student growth. Julie Inman, Megan Inman and Raynette Smith Crockett with $9,000 each. Two teachers, Sheila Davis and Marsha Miller received $5,000 each. And $1,000 awards went to Tiffany Williams and Peggy Key.

In addition, Hughes said, “Three instructors were presented incentive checks for work outside the class to get advanced degrees.” Those teachers were Raynette Smith Crockett, awarded $4,000 for earning her Reading Specialist Masters Degree. Kenyatta Williams was also awarded $4,000 for completing her Reading Specialist Masters program. And Joey Miller was awarded $4,000 for earning his degree in Educational Leadership.

That is a total of $39,000 awarded to teachers who met the criteria for the Highest Student Growth. An additional $12,000 was presented to teachers completing advanced degrees.

Hughes said, “We also established an awareness of a lot of other teachers who are on the brink of receiving incentive money.” The incentive program “stresses the importance of knowing each individual child where they are and where they need to go,” added Hughes.

This is the first year of a four-year incentive program based upon the grant. Hughes said, “To qualify teachers must meet a proficiency threshold and also meet attendance guidelines.” More incentives will be awarded next year and Hughes added, “We are looking for ways to sustain the incentive program after that.

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