Lewis Signs Four-Year Scholarship

RRPJ-Lewis Sign TOP-18Jun20

Red River High’s Mickael Lewis signed a football scholarship this week. Lewis will attend Lyon College at Batesville, Arkansas. It is a four-year college playing NAIA football.

The signing was held in the school library. Athletic Director Billy Henry, Jr. told Lewis, “This is the college you wanted. He held out until he got what he wanted.” This is a great opportunity, said Henry, “the opportunity to go to college with a lot of it paid. Lewis gets the most money for school coming to a Red River Athlete this year.”

Lewis’ coach John Bachman told him, “You’re a big boy now. Your mom and dad aren’t going with you.” He added, “They’re paying you to do a job, to play football. So go to class and do everything to graduate. You’re going there to get an education and an education will give you your life.” Bachman added, “You have what it takes to play football and you are a good academician.”

Principal JC Dickey posted, “Red River High School is extremely proud of you and everything you have done. Keep up the good work.”

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