District and school scores published for 2023

Nearly six months after students took the 2023 LEAP 2025 tests, the district and schools have final school performance and district performance scores. Students got individual scores in June for high school and August for 3-8, but the state waits to finalize school performance after progress points for individual students can be calculated.

Red River Parish School District has a “B” letter grade. This letter grade reflects an assessment growth of 2 points and a progress growth of 1.7. Letter grades range from F to A for all districts in the state. Red River is recognized for having a Top Gain School and 2 Opportunity Honorees.

Red River Elementary significantly grew this year, with an 8.4 increase overall. The school maintains a “C” status. Assessment growth was 8.6 points, and progress growth for individual students increased by 11 points. This school has grown tremendously in the past two years and has exited Urgent Intervention Required status.

Red River Academic Academy maintains its “A” grade for the year. This school earned all 150 points in Interests and Opportunities awarded yearly. The state recognizes this school, developed to give intensive help to struggling students, as a 2023 Top Gains School and a 2023 Opportunity Honoree. Schools designated for top gains have a progress index of 90 or higher, and the Opportunity Honorees perform in the 90th percentile or above for students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students, or English learners.

Red River High School saw no increase in overall score but maintained its “A” status. The bright point for this school is that it grew 5.3 points in assessment growth and 1.4 points in progress growth. Both indices show an improvement for all students. The high school maintained an above 95% graduation rate. This school is a 2023 Opportunity Honoree.

For Red River Jr. High, a decrease of 2.5 points contributed to the school maintaining a “D” status. The school did not see an improvement in assessment or progress growth but had a 12.3-point improvement in DCAI. This means that students who leave the Jr. High are getting at least six high school credits before the end of their 9th-grade year of high school.

Next year, the stakes will change again for all Louisiana schools. Once again, the state will change the requirements for letter grades. Schools will be required to accept a 5-point increase for all letter grades for the 2024 scores. Schools that have acceptable grades this year may struggle to make the increases.