Smokey morning

Citizens of Red River woke up this morning to smokey smells and a hazy sky. This is attributed to the massive wildfires burning in parishes to the south. The humid air and a wind direction shift keep the smoke close to the ground as it travels north.

According to local Homeland Security officials, emergency calls are taken seriously and investigated as they are received. “No one takes for granted that these are only smoke calls.” We are to remain vigilant and report possible fires. With the extreme heat and the lack of rain, fires are potential anytime.

Remember, some causes of fires in these conditions are not from someone burning trash or starting them intentionally. They are from cigarettes thrown from car windows or thrown on the ground, vehicles with dragging chains or flat tires, oily rags left out that combust, and equipment running in hot, grassy fields. Everyone needs to keep watch during these problematic times.