Eighteen Rebels Advance to Overall Reading Fair

By Molly Seales

On Wednesday, March 1, students from Riverdale Academy traveled to Northeast Baptist School in West Monroe for the District V reading fair. The Rebels faced some tough competition, and 10 projects, with 18 students advanced to the Overall Reading Fair Competition in Pearl, MS, on March 30.

The first awards given were for best presentation of character. This is based on costume and presentation of book. These awards do not advance to overall, but they recognize the students who were in character for their book. 1st graders Jillie Shaver and Alexis Yount got 2nd place in character, and 2nd graders Annelise Cason and PJ Guidry also received 2nd place in character. 4th graders Kylee Davis and Makenzie Harper won 3rd place in character, and 5th grader Sam Murray also won 3rd place in character. 9th grader Alaina Boyd received 2nd place in character, and 7th graders Hayden Cason and Kaden McNeely received 3rd place in character.

Project awards were then given, with 10 projects and 18 students advancing to overall. All 1st and 2nd place projects in each category advance. Our projects that received 3rd place were fabulous, but they fell just short of advancing. 3rdgraders Lindsey McCrory and Avery Tingle placed 3rd and 5th grader Trevor Bell also placed 3rd. 1st graders Jillie Shaver and Alexis Yount placed 1st in group fiction, and 2nd graders Annelise Cason and PJ Guidry placed 1st in group non-fiction. 4th graders Dally Bell and Avery Longino placed 2nd in group fiction, and 5th grader Sam Murray placed 2nd in individual fiction. 6th grader Ryder Shaver placed 1st in individual non-fiction, and 9th grader Alaina Boyd placed 1st in non-fiction. 7th graders Hayden Cason and Kaden McNeely placed 1st in group non-fiction, and 8th graders Ally Kate Hillman and Kynnedi Taylor placed 2nd in group fiction.

Reading Fair sponsor Bethany Seales said, ā€œIā€™m so proud of all of our students who advanced to district and then to overall. These students are all winners because they are involved in reading, which has become sort of a lost art in the days of technology. It does my heart good to see students who still enjoy the thrill of using their imagination to go places. They may not all have come away with wins at the reading fair, but they all came away with wins in life. They represented Riverdale Academy well, and I want to wish them good luck as they advance to overall. Thanks to the parents and everyone who makes this possible each year.ā€