Local Water Outages Update

Engineers and workers continue efforts to restore full water service to Coushatta and several outlying neighborhoods.  And the Police Jury has been distributing water to residents.  The Hickory Grove water system also has water issues they are working to correct.

Here is the latest update from the Town of Coushatta water system (published late Monday)

The water system will Turn a second pump on at 6:00 pm for a few hours. This will hopefully give pressure for everyone to get water during this time. Unfortunately, this pump can only be run for a few hours.

They continue to find and repair leaks and urge residents to check their homes and outlying buildings for leaks.

Engineers and workers will be back out first thing in the morning to continue the effort.

The Police Jury has been distributing water to residents.  Monday the distribution was made at Juror Ben Taylor’s residence. Then the Red River Parish Police Jury continued to hand out water .  There was a new location at the Police Jury Road Barn (718 Fairgrounds Road) for Red River Parish Citizens affected by water outages. The hours will be from 7:00am until 4:00pm.

The low pressure and outages are accompanied by a Boil Advisory for the town.  The result is that food service and iced beverage service has been interrupted.  Call before visiting your favorite restaurant to check their status.

Low water pressure caused the Library to be closed on Tuesday. Nonfunctioning toilets are rough on staff as well as patrons.

Also, the Hickory Grove Water system is experiencing water pressure problems.  This statement was issued on Monday:

Hickory Grove Water System customers the water is back on this morning we aren’t sure for how long. Please check around your homes, shops etc. make sure you don’t have leaks. Please conserve water as much as possible. This is asking no washing clothes etc. right now the water has a tint to it and will stain your clothing plus we just don’t have the water right now. Please everyone works together and help get your neighbors leaks fixed. If you happen to see a leak please call the office or a board member.

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