Back From Camp

By Rytrice Martin, Coach of the Blue Diamonds

How about your  Red River Blue Diamonds?

Let me take a moment to brag about this AMAZING DANCE TEAM us little people from Coushatta LOUISIANA have. We went on our journey this week to NDA camp at ULL and from the start it was a hot mess! We we’re late on day one due to the restaurant taking over an hour to give our food, plus being lost on campus for 30 minutes trying to find out where we park to register.  We miss our bus twice that day and didn’t know nothing nor anybody.

Fast forwarding to our next day. I was on it. I had things lined up planned out after staying up till 2 that night so we wouldn’t have a repeat. But people it was worth it!! Taking over 14,000 steps each day walking over 7 miles each day. Girls getting up at 6:00 and dancing till 11 each night. (Yes! I’m a coach who don’t know how to stop) it was worth it. Continuing with this extremely long post. Check out your diamonds achievements from this week. Thank you NDA staff for everything you poured into my team these past few days and big thank you to Luise Maldonado for making my decision on going to NDA camp much easier. We can’t wait till next summer.

Check out your Red River Blue Diamonds

Kyleigh Antilley- All American nominee, 2 superior, 1 technique, also received pin it forward award. Awarded by her team member Kinya Gray

Jolene Jones- All American nominee, 2 superior

Kinya Gray- All American nominee, 2 superior, 1 spirit, also received the pin it forward award. Awarded by NDA staff

Ja’Vonica Jones- 1 Showmanship, 2 superior, also received pin it forward award. Awarded by Cruz Mclamore Deridder High school

TaLeha Hill- 2 Excellent

Bri’Aunna Taylor- 1 showmanship, 1 superior, 1 excellent

Cartiana Morris- 1 technique, 2 excellent

Tyra Jones- 1 spirit, 2 superior

Javia Ashton- 1 superior, 1 showmanship, 1 excellent, 1 spirit

We had two dancers who made the NDA All American Team

Kyleigh Antilley and Jolene Jones.

Team also received Superior certificate on Team Routine and a Gold plaque on Team Routine.

Team received NDA Team award trophy.  DA Team award is selected by the staff and awarded to the team that is epitome of the all-around superior team in the areas of leadership, teamwork, performance, and position attitude.

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