Former Red River Industries Director Arrested

Last Tuesday, the former Executive Director of the Red River ARC, known locally as Red River Industries, was booked into the Red River Parish Jail on theft charges.  A former employee was arrested on charges of illegal possession of stolen things.

Eletha Seabaugh, the Executive Director of Red River ARC until July of 2020, posted a security bond of $25,000.  Raina Dalme posted a cash bond of $5,000.  Seabaugh is charged with theft over $25,000, 9 counts of computer fraud, and two counts of theft of a value less than $1,000.  Dalme is charged with illegal possession of stolen things.  They bonded out the day they were booked.

“We’re looking forward and forging new paths,” said Teal Lowring, the current Executive Director.  Lowring confirmed for the Journal that the crimes were committed during the time frame Seabaugh and Dalme were employed there.  Lowring said, “I can confirm that crimes were committed against Red River Industry property.  That has left a significant financial burden at this time.  We are hoping to recover some of the loss through insurance.” Lowring has headed the agency since September 2020.

Lowring said, “Red River Industries continues to offer ironing services, cleaning for homes and businesses, and a bakery turning out delicious cakes, cookies and other treats.”  She added, “We have a softball tournament fundraiser on July 9th and we are now accepting team entries.”