COVID-19 Surging – Resident Vaccination Low

In recent days the COVID-19 virus and the new Delta Variant has been on the rise in Louisiana.  At the same time, the percentage of the population eligible to receive the vaccine remains low, at not quite a third.

The Journal is presenting three articles in this issue.  Here we took a look at the numbers.  In the following articles we look at the surge in the virus and updated guidelines for wearing masks to protect yourself and others.

First, the numbers.  Louisiana’s population is put at 4,627,002 in 2021.  Information from the Louisiana Department of Health is that 1,706,544 people have completed the series of vaccinations to protect them from COVID-19.  Do the math and 36.88% of the population has been vaccinated.  That is slightly off because only persons 12+ are eligible for vaccination.

Red River Parish is in LDH Region 7.  Information from the LDH website puts the percent of Red River residents who have been vaccinated at 30.54%.

The other chart with this article shows the deaths and illness in the parish attributable to COVID-19.  There have been 31 deaths from COVID-19 and 7 others listed as probable.

There is a lot of information in the following articles.  Many people do not like to scroll down that far, however the information is there if you wish to see it.

The Journal would like to hear from you.  Have you been vaccinated & why did you get it?  Have you declined the vaccine and why?  What sources of information do you rely on?  What is your level of concern about a possible threat from COVID-19?

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