Red River Academy DARE Graduation

Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office reports on June 15, 2021, twenty students at the Red River Academic Academy (RRAA) on the Springville campus were presented graduation certificates for successfully completing the requirements of the DARE program. Attendance was limited to fifth grade students, school faculty and sheriff’s office staff. Red River Parish Sheriff’s Deputy/DARE Officer Michael Longino officiated the ceremony.

DARE, which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, is a program designed to teach students the dangers of using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco as well as “how to say no” using DARE’s five resistance strategies. Topics covered include communication skills, peer pressure, stress and bullying along with facts and health effects of using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Students also learn the DARE Decision Making Model which is designed to help them make safe and responsible choices throughout their lives.

While all the students did a great job, every year one member of each fifth-grade class is selected as a workbook winner while another is recognized for writing the best DARE essay. Congratulations to essay winner Kamari Johnson and workbook winner Kaitlynn Petersen!

During the service Principal Daniels and Deputy Longino, on behalf of Sheriff Edwards, spoke to the students about the importance of making wise decisions, the consequences of making poor choices and setting good examples for others.

Sheriff Edwards would also like to thank Superintendent Hughes, RRAA faculty/administration and Deputy Longino for working together to offer the DARE program at the academic academy for the first time.

Deputy Longino would like to thank fifth grade teacher Sherry Pickett as well as Principal Daniels for their continued support. He would also like to express his thanks to the fifth-grade students for their hard work and to the parents for entrusting their children to us!

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