Keys to Living

Participants in Man Church last Thursday night received five Keys to Living. The flyers promised a Manly Meal, Manly Music and a Manly Message.  They were not disappointed.

The message was presented by Billy Weatherall, founder of Christ Fit Gym in Bossier City.  Weatherall told of his life experiences, his military service, and the difficulties he faced.  He said, “When I got out I got involved in anything and everything.  I got a camo covered Bible at a revival but used it as a coaster for my beer.”

His life picture was pretty bleak. Weatherall said he thought about ending it all and he cried out, “God, if you’re real, save me.”  He said He did!

“Changing my lifestyle was the hardest thing I’d ever done,” said Weatherall, “But my journey has lead me to realize there are five keys to living.  They are:

Read the Bible daily,

Tithe your money,

Decide who is your god,

Your life is a testimony, and

Fellowship or who you spend time with.

Weatherall summed it up, “We get to serve God.  We don’t have to but spend time with God.  And be consistent in your walk,”

Christ Fit Gym is a free workout facility at 1040 Chinaberry Drive in north Bossier City just off Benton Road.

Man Church meets at The Shop on La 507 the second Tuesday of each month.  Men gather about 6:00 pm for a meal.  That is followed by singing and a message.  The next Man Church will be on June 10th.