3D Mammography Breast Cancer Screenings Now Available at CHRISTUS Coushatta Health Care Center

CHRISTUS Coushatta Health Care Center now offers Digital 3D Mammography, the most advanced technology available for early detection of breast cancer. This technology is the newest addition to the hospital’s breast cancer screening program, which also includes highly accurate digital 2D mammography.

“This is the most advanced technology for breast cancer screening, and it is available here, in Coushatta,” said Brandon Hillman, Administrator, CHRISTUS Coushatta Health Care Center. “Not only are we providing our patients with the best care possible, we are allowing them to be screened close to home, with no need to travel out of the area.”

The Digital 3D Mammography system captures multiple images, or slices, of the breast from several angles, creating a 3D image making masses and breast cancer easier to detect.

“The Digital 3D mammography (also known as tomosynthesis) has proven to increase detection of breast cancer,” said Dr. Wyche Coleman, M.D., President, CHRISTUS Coushatta Medical Executive Committee. “This type of mammogram is also particularly helpful in women with dense breast tissue by allowing for a more sensitive evaluation.”

Mammograms are the most important tool physicians have for early detection of breast cancer, even when individuals have no signs or symptoms. To learn more about breast imaging services or to schedule a Digital 3D Mammogram, please call 318-932-2200.