COVID Vaccine at Health Unit

Covid vaccine to be available at the Red River parish health unit, according to Nursing Supervisor Yashica Turner. She asks that you please call ahead for an appointment.  The number is 318-932-4087.

Turner said those eligible to receive the immunizations are:

·  Persons ages 65 years or older in the community,

·  Health-related support personnel

·  Outpatient clinic providers and clinic staff,

·  Urgent care clinic providers and staff,

·  Community care clinic providers and staff,

·  Behavioral health providers and staff,

·  Dialysis providers and recipients,

·  Home care providers (including hospice workers) and home care recipients (including older and younger people with disabilities over the age of 16 who receive community or home-based care, as well as clients of home health agencies),

·  Dental providers and staff, 

·  American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and Support Service Providers (SSPs) working in community and clinic-based settings, and clients who are both deaf and blind!

Call the Red River Parish Health Unit during regular business hours to book an immunization appointment.