2021-22 School Calendar Adopted

The Red River Parish School Board voted to retain the “Balanced Calendar” for a second school year.  In general students will attend 9 weeks of instruction followed by a two week break from August through the end of June.

The proposed calendar was discussed at the February School Board Meeting.  Karen Squires told the board that all employees “and a good representation from people with kids at various schools” participated in the process of formulating the calendar.

Questions from board members centered around had any complaints been received about the balanced calendar this year and the virtual learning each Friday.  Superintendent Alison Hughes said, “There were a couple of indirect complaints. There was overwhelming positive response from parents, teachers and staff.”

About virtual Friday, Hughes explained, “It all started because we could not give teachers planning time.  Static groups (of student) took up teachers planning and professional development learning time.  With students home for virtual learning on Friday, teachers now get a day for planning and professional development  time.”

The board voted to adopt the calendar as proposed.

First day for students next year will be August 11, 2021.  The last grading period will end on June 29, 2022.  The complete calendar is below.