Christians Stand Up

There is an old saying that goes something like, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything!”  So, what do you stand for?  What is important for you?

Christians Stand Up is the subject of a special week of morning devotions to be broadcast all next week on Facebook Live.  It is part of The Journal’s continuing series Fear Not.

Next week area pastors will explore the role of Christians in our secular society.  How we are to act with regard to government, taxes, and our fellow citizens.   Our guests will present the Biblical basis for acting and reacting to today’s world.

The lineup is as follows:

Monday October 5th – James Hester of Social Springs Baptist Church

Tuesday October 6th – Matt Endris of Fairview Baptist Church

Wednesday October 7th – Tommy Eason of East Point Mount Zion

Thursday October 8th – Lee Rogers retired Army Chaplin

And Friday October 9th – Ashanti Cole of Freedom Worship Center

Fear Not airs live at 8:00 am each weekday.  Programs are archived on The Journal’s Facebook page for later viewing.

If you are unsure of your role as a Christian in society, join your neighbors next week for this informative and inspiring special series of programs.