Riverdale Physics Projects

Challenges are fun. And challenges can also teach a lesson. At Riverdale recently two challenges proved from Dr. Hunter Brown the point.

First there was the Spaghetti Bridge challenge.

Spaghetti Bridge Challenge criteria:  50 cm gap, aesthetics, strength to weight ratio, cost effectiveness.  Haven’t calculated all the results yet.

Friday night Riverdale posted, “Just another reason we love Riverdale! This week was the spaghetti bridge challenge in physical science and physics. Molly, Luke, and Emma won overall by one point-their bridge had lights! The results aren’t calculated for Matthew’s class, but I do know that he, Jake, Brennan, and Ronda did well!”

Another challenge was the Tug of War.  What is the physical science challenge there?  Consider this:

Riverdale physics:  Newton’s laws of motion.  There were boys vs. girls tug-o-war and trust falls. The girls were able to exert more force against the ground and friction worked in their favor.  They beat the boys.

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