Martin School and Springville Gym To Be Sold

The Red River School Board has been debating disposition of several school sites that are no longer needed. On Monday night, the board voted to offer two sites for public bid.

The Martin High School site has fallen into disrepair since 2002 when the buildings ceased being used for classes.  Likewise the gym at Springville has also fallen into disrepair and needs a new roof, among other repairs.  So the board has decided to put the properties up for bid.

Finance Director David Jones told the board that there is 14.9 acres of property in Martin.  He said, “On the third try we got an appraisal of $52,000.”  The board approved putting it up for bid.  Earlier the board heard that it would costs several hundreds of thousands of dollars for demolition because of asbestos in the old school buildings at Martin.

Jones said the Springville Gym needs repair.  And he said, “To remove asbestos and other demolition costs amount to about $75,000 to tear it down.  The appraisal we got is $82,000.”  The board approved advertising the Springville Gym for sale.  The new owner would have to erect a fence and put in a new drive to separate the Gym from the rest of the property.  The entire Springville Education Center campus is not being sold, just the gym.

Public notice to bid will be published shortly.

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