CP-Tel Building in Coushatta

CP-Tel has been busy in the parish.  In recent days they were boring and laying more fiber optic cable along US 71 south of Coushatta.  You may have noticed the utility construction zone as you drove by.

Across the US 84 bridge there was CP-Tel construction also.  They were just east of Ed Lester’s vegetable stand.  There is also utility work being done north on LA 1.

The state Department of Transportation and Development permit office in Bossier City confirmed that CP-Tel had received permits to do the work along highway right of way.

Back when the first CP-Tel construction of their local fiber optic network, CEO Richard Gill told The Journal that they would be working to get their fiber optic cable across the Red River.  The purpose was to provide more than one way to get their service into Coushatta. They planned to be able to back feed Coushatta from across the river in the event the cable coming up US 71 was interrupted.

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