Advice on Managing Your Diabetes

If you’re a diabetic, you’re probably very familiar with blood sugar and how to manage it. However, blood sugar management is not just for diabetics. Everyone has blood sugar and can benefit from nutrition and lifestyle changes to keep it in check!

For those of you without diabetes, if your blood sugar runs too high for too long, you increase your risk for diabetes and blood vessel damage. If your blood sugar drops low, it can cause fatigue, brain fog, irritability, shaking, and anxiety. If you’re a diabetic, these blood sugar highs and lows are more pronounced and can be life-threatening. Below are some tips to manage your blood sugar- diabetic or not! 

Limit Sodas and Refined Carbs:  Check the ingredient list.  If the first ingredient is ‘flour’ or some sort of sweetener, it’s a refined carb and will cause a blood sugar roller coaster.

Eat Regular, Balance Meals:  Eating 3-5 meals/snacks works for most people to keep energy levels and mood stable.

Exercise:  Insulin resistance is a primary risk factor for diabetes. Exercise is an excellent way to decrease insulin resistance and prevent diabetes.

This information from the HEART Program provided by the MLK Health Center and funded by BHP.

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