Why Is This Lady Smiling???

She has something to smile about.  To really really smile.  Her name is Christy Suggs and she is The Journal’s latest winner of $100 in cash. Yes, those are $20 bills she is holding. Five of them.

Suggs is the Early Childhood Coordinator at Red River Elementary School.  She was at work preparing for the coming school year when we appeared at the school house door.  She has spent twenty-three years in education, all of it in Red River Parish.

As she was receiving her money, a co-worker showed up and ask, “Where can I get some money?”  All you have to do is sign up to be alerted to live streaming of local sporting events.


The Journal has added text message alerts as a way to quickly deliver the games to fans.  We are doing awarding cash to a fan each week to reward them for signing up early.  Click the link above and you will be signed up also.  And you might win some cash.

All fans of local teams can sign up to get notice of the ballgames.  You will get a text about a quarter hour before kickoff.  The text will contain a link to go directly to the game. It is that simple.  Once signed up you are eligible for the weekly cash giveaways. Couldn’t be easier. 

Smile Christy!

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