Burgers For Veterans

Veterans and other residents of Ringgold Nursing and Rehabilitation were treated to a hamburger feast on Memorial Day.  They also had a time to visit and talk with the meal preparers and servers.

Several members of the VFW Post and Auxiliary from Coushatta brought the burgers and fixings.  Members of the post, who are combat veterans themselves, fired up the home’s grill and despite a strong breeze managed to get enough heat to cook over 100 burgers. 

Meanwhile,  auxiliary members sliced the tomatoes, onion, and lettuce and set the table to serve the burgers.  And there was a big pitcher of tasty and tart lemonade for all to enjoy.

Local Auxiliary President Heather McCoy remarked that the veterans just needed someone to talk with, someone to listen.  There was plenty of talk, outside by the grill, and in the dining home as the burgers mysteriously disappeared.

So they came and they ate.  Then the nursing home staff came and ate.  Some of the residents ate two or three burgers.  One was observed chomping on his fourth.  Everyone got plenty and no one went away hungry.

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