Strange Winter or is it Summer?

The weatherman has earned his pay this year. He has been challenged to keep up with northwest Louisiana’s ever changing weather. 

One of the pictures with this article is the beautifully blooming peach orchard at Ed Lester’s Farm. The other is ice, or sleet, or maybe snow on a vehicle. Do both belong that close together? 

Blooming peach trees remind us that spring is on the way. The perennial blubs are starting to bloom across the parish and the grass is starting to grow. Could spring be on the way? 

But the thermometer says 32 degrees, perhaps less, when we get up in the morning. But wait a minute, another day it said 60+ when we were waking up. And it was so cold a few days that precipitation took on a very solid look and feel. 

Grandma used to say, “Before going out to the house behind the house, pack your fur coat and palm leaf fan. You never know what the weather is going to be like when you come out!”

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